Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yellowstone wolves

When Yellowstone national park was created in 1872, gray wolf populations were already in decline in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The creation of the national park did not provide protection for wolves and other predators, and government predator control programs in the 1st decades of the 1900's essentially helped eliminate the gray wolf from Yellowstone. The last wolves of Yellowstone were killed in 1926. After that time, sporadic reports of wolves still occurred, but scientists confirmed that sustainable wolf populations had been extirpated and were absent from Yellowstone during the mid 1900's. Gray wolves were endangered in the 1930's and are now least concern and 700 were left in the wild. The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone dates back to 1995 and we should bring them back to Britain and Ireland as well. In 2009, the 1st mammal to be reintroduced to the British isles is the Eurasian beaver. Moose have also been reintroduced to Scotland and European bison have been reintroduced to England in the early 2010's.

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