Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eastern cougar pictures



Passenger pigeon


Woolly mammoth


Florida panther

The Florida panther (Puma Concolor Coryi) is a critically endangered subspecies of cougar native to Southern Florida. In 1982, the Florida panther was chosen as Florida's state animal.  It was also first described in 1899 and is probably the most endangered cat in North America. It wasn't yet listed since 2008, in 2010, it was then listed as an endangered species.

Recently extinct bears

Scottish brown bear (1000 AD)

MacFarlane's bear (1864)

Atlas bear (1870's)

Bergman's bear (1920)

California grizzly bear (1924)

Mexican grizzly bear (1964)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pantanal jaguar

The Pantanal jaguar (Panthera Onca Palustris) is the largest surviving species of jaguar native to the Pantanal region of South America. The Pantanal is a swampy area in South America. The extinct Arizona jaguar was also the largest species of jaguar. The jaguar range from North to South is from the Southern United States to Northern Argentina. The jaguar is the only cat native to the Americas that roars. Jaguars are also the largest cats in the Western hemisphere.

Peruvian jaguar

The Peruvian jaguar was proposed a subspecies of jaguar native to the South American country of Peru and it's a good thing it's not extinct. It is found in the Pacaya Samiria national reserve and Manu national park, Peru.

2 Youtube channels full of mysteries



Extinct animals of 1914

Passenger pigeon

Laughing owl

Syrian elephant pictures

Thursday, October 29, 2015

2 happy and loving animals from Youtube videos

Happy wolf attack

Cougar loving

My favorite golden jackal subspecies

Indian jackal

Syrian jackal

European jackal

European jackal

The European jackal (Canis Areus Moreoticus), also known as the Caucasian jackal or reed wolf, is a subspecies of golden jackal native to Southeastern Europe, Asia minor, and the Caucasus. It was first described in 1833 by French naturalist Isdoire Geoffroy St. Hilaire during the Morea expedition. It's the size of the endangered Iberian lynx. Jackals look like they are related to red foxes but their closest relative are coyotes. In fact, it is one of the 7 subspecies of the golden jackal along with the Common, Siamese, Pannonian, Indian, Sri-Lankan, and Syrian jackals. Like some red foxes, wolves, and other animals, jackals live in North America, Eurasia, and Africa.

Senegalese wolf

The Senegalese wolf (Canis Anthus Anthus), also known as the gray jackal, slender jackal, or anthus, is the nominate subspecies of the African golden wolf native to Senegal and is larger than the Egyptian wolf and is 2.54 cm higher at the shoulder and several inches in length.

Killer whales


False killer whale

Pygmy killer whale

Subspecies of the African elephant

African forest elephant

African bush elephant

North African elephant

Subspecies of the Asian elephant

Indian elephant

Sumatran elephant

Bornean elephant

Sri Lankan elephant

Syrian elephant

Javan elephant

Chinese elephant

2 cool golden canids that have 6 or 7 subspecies

African golden wolf

Golden jackal

Syrian jackal

The Syrian jackal (Canis Areus Syriacus) is a subspecies of the golden jackal native to the Eastern Mediterranean region from the coast of Lebanon between Beirut and Tripoli and is one of my 3 favorite jackals and are all subspecies of the golden jackal. It is one of the 7 subspecies of the golden jackal and my favorite jackals are the Indian jackal, Syrian jackal, and European jackal. The subspecies are the Common, Siamese, Pannonian, Indian, European, Sri-Lankan, and Syrian.

My favorite Syrian animals

Syrian ostrich (Arabian ostrich)

Syrian elephant

Syrian jackal

Golden jackal subspecies

Common jackal

Siamese jackal

Pannonian jackal

Indian jackal

European jackal

Sri-Lankan jackal

Syrian jackal

African golden wolf subspecies

Algerian wolf

Senegalese wolf

Serengeti wolf

Egyptian wolf

Somali wolf

Variegated wolf

2 funny guys from funny Youtube vines


Will Sasso

My favorite animals of Mexico

Mexican grizzly bear

Mexican wolf




Coyote hybrids

Coywolf (Coyote and Gray wolf)

Coydog (Coyote and Dog)

Eastern coyote (Coyote and Eastern wolf)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pictures of the 11 live extinct animals from my playlist of 10 live extinct animals

Illustrations of the Gray wolf

Eurasian gray wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus).

Gray wolf range.

Hybrid of a gray wolf and Alaskan malamute.

Captive coywolf.


Gray wolf trotting.

Differences between gray wolf and coyote.

Black and white furred gray wolves.

Pack in Yellowstone.

Mating in Korea.

Howling gray wolf.

Carrying caribou leg.

Last wolf killed in Central Finland in 1911.

European range.

Gray wolf in Bavarian forest National park in Germany.

Monument to the last Japanese gray wolf in Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Captive Mexican gray wolf.