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Abe The Conservationist: Luna's High Fives

Full Movie: Sabre Tooth (1:43:24-2:07:46)

Tribute to Scar and Zira

Shere-Khan vs Scar

Rare Villain Defeats: Shonen Shere-Khan

Rare Villain Defeats: Tabaqui

Rare Villain Defeats: Shere-Khan (Disney/2016)

Jaws nicknames by movie

Jaws 1: Bruce

Jaws 2: Brucette

3D: Brucetta

The Revenge: Vengeance

Evolution of Shere-Khan from Villains Wiki

Disney Shere-Khan

Shonen Shere-Khan

Shere-Khan 2016

My favorite villains by continent

North America: Timber Wolf

South America: Smilodon Brothers

Europe: Black Wolf

Asia: Fox

Africa: Makucha

Oceania: Dingo

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Bog Crocodile

Bog is a Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) and the main antagonist of the 2012 Guatemalan-American film, The Outback (Guatemala)/Koala Kid (United States). He is voiced by Alan Cumming. His henchmen are Boris the vulture and Blacktooth and his pack of dingoes. After Johnny, the white albino koala, accidentally scares off the dingoes during their brawl with the kangaroos, Bog is seen making a plan with the dingoes and Boris to take over the river. Johnny's koala friend Miranda's little sister fell in her white make up. The dingoes snagged her thinking it was Johnny who was the barricade to ruling the ravine. Once Charlotte's make up wears off, Bog gets angry with the dingoes. But Miranda, Johnny, Johnny's friends Hamish, and Higgins, Mac the kangaroo leader, and an elderly wombat go on a quest to save poor little Charlotte. The elderly wombat tells the about Bog. After Miranda and Johnny overcome pythons while making friends with a frilled lizard, Bull, they find themselves trapped by the dingoes. Boris then comes back with a carnival poster of Johnny being in the circus.  Johnny feels ashamed and runs off while Miranda gives herself up for her little sister. Hamish and Higgins then dress up as female clowns asking the dingoes if they can help them find their way back to the circus. The dingoes wanted to eat them. Mac and the kangaroos capture the dingoes when Bog wakes up. Bog chases after Miranda, Johnny, and Bull into the circus and then into the Big Top. Johnny and Miranda run up the poles to the trapeze with Big following them and Johnny walks on the tight rope so Bog cuts some strings with his razor sharp claws. Johnny then cuts a chandelier with his boomerang that falls on Johnny and Bog with part of the circus tent and the trapeze poles. Johnny was alright and Bog was defeated. Bog was later sold as a pet along with the dingoes at the pet store and put in baby clothes to his dismay.

Evil-Doer: Bog

Full Name: Bog

Alias: None

Origin: The Outback/Koala Kid

Sex/Gender: Male

Occupation: Saltwater Crocodile and Former Ruler of The Billabong

Powers/Skills: Brute Strength, Speed, Swimming, Tail Bite

Hobby: Eating, Sleeping

Goals: Kill Johnny and Rule The Outback (failed)

Type of Villain: Reptilian Villain, Archenemy

Status: Alive

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Subspecies Status: None

Species: Saltwater Crocodile

Scientific Name: Crocodylus Porosus

Subspecies: None

Voice: Alan Cumming

Country: Australia

Continent: Oceania

Release Date: January 12th, 2012

Partners In Crime: Smilodon Brothers

Full Names: Smilodon Brothers

Alias: None

Origin: Walking With Beasts 5: Sabre Tooth

Sexes/Genders: Males

Occupations: Predators

Powers/Skills: Claws, Teeth, Speed, Strength

Hobby: Hunting

Goals: Take Over Half-Tooth's Clan (succeeded, for a while)

Type of Villains: Usurpers, Predators

Statuses: Deceased

Conservation Statuses: Extinct

Subspecies Statuses: Extinct

Species: Saber-Toothed Cats

Scientific Names: Smilodon

Subspecies: Smilodon Populator

Voices: Unknown

Country: Paraguay

Continent: South America

Release Date: December 13th, 2001

Hostile Species: Terror Birds

Full Name: Terror Birds

Alias: None

Origin: Walking With Beasts 5: Sabre Tooth

Sexes/Genders: Males and Females

Homeworld: South America

Members: Terror Bird 1, Terror Bird 2, Terror Birds 3 and 4 and Thousands of Others

Hobby: Hunting

Goals: Hunt Animals For Food

Type of Hostile Species: Avian Villains, Animal Killers, Animal Villains, Rivals

Statuses: Deceased

Conservation Statuses: Extinct

Subspecies Statuses: None

Species: Terror Birds

Scientific Names: Phorusrhacus

Subspecies: None

Voices: Unknown

Country: Paraguay

Continent: South America

Release Date: December 13th, 2001

Villain Quotes: Troy

Well, well, well. Chicken of the sea.

Help me guys, please! Noooooo!

I'm not just coming back for Pi. This time, I'm coming back for ALL OF YOU!

Tomorrow we're gonna destroy the reef, fish stick! And I got news for ya pal, it's gonna be EPIC!

Rewilding Britain pictures

Saturday, October 29, 2016

British reintroduction votes (923 votes) and percentage (98%)

Wolf: 24% - 224 votes

Lynx: 30% - 279 votes

Beaver: 23% - 216 votes

Bear: 6% - 59 votes

Wild boar: 7% - 67 votes

Moose: 8% - 78 votes

Evil-Doer: Nuka

Full Name: Nuka

Alias: None

Origin: The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Sex/Gender: Male

Occupation: Prince of The Outlands

Powers/Skills: Fighting Skills, Hunting

Hobby: Catching Field Mice

Goals: Prove His Worth To Zira, Become The Outlands' Chosen One (primary), Kill Simba (secondary)

Type of Villain: Comic Relief, Incomplete Villain

Status: Deceased

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Subspecies Status: Vulnerable

Species: Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Subspecies: Masai Lion (Panthera Leo Nubica)

Voice: Andy Dick

Country: Kenya

Continent: Africa

Release Date: October 27th, 1998

Little Brother White Wolf

White Wolf is the main antagonist of Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure. She is the leader of the eagles and Black Wolf's sister, and after his death in The Flight Before Christmas, White Wolf has made it her one mission to seek revenge on Niko for her brother's demise. Although it is unknown how White Wolf came to Eagles Domain in the first place, White Wolf has charmed the Eagles into following her orders. Using this to her advantage she sent her eagle minions to capture Niko, but they captured Niko's new stepbrother, Jonni, by mistake. Upon hearing that Jonni was Niko's brother, White Wolf had Jonni imprisoned until the eagles managed to capture Niko when the latter tried to rescue Jonni. She revealed herself to Niko as Black Wolf's sister, and intended to kill Jonni in front of Niko as revenge for her brother's death. But Tobias, the former leader of the Flying Forces, and Julius rescued both Niko and Jonni and made a narrow escape, despite White Wolf's swift attempt to cut them off. White Wolf, afterwards, rallied the eagles to destroy the Flying Forces, and without them, Niko would have nowhere else to hide from her wrath. She arrived at Santa's Fell and trapped the Flying Forces within the Toy Factory in order to lure Niko there. A chase ensued, as Niko and Jonni were soon pursued by White Wolf through the factory. As White Wolf was about to kill Niko (after the young reindeer ended up accidentally being wrapped up by a gift wrapping machine), Jonni lured her away from Niko and managed to capture White Wolf with a crane mechanism, while Julius and Wilma freed Niko. Niko and Jonni then sent White Wolf through the gift wrapping machine and had her tangled in gift wrapping. Although she swore vengeance, Wilma had White Wolf gift-wrapped 2 more times through the machine until she was no longer a threat to them. White Wolf was last seen still tangled in gift wrapping, having been sent back to Eagles Domain by Santa Claus and set as a Christmas gift for the eagles. Like Black Wolf, White Wolf is extremely agile, and she uses this trait to leap across large gaps and high ledges in her pursuit of flying reindeer such as Niko.

Before The Villain Defeats: White Wolf

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Troy Shark

Troy is a Tiger shark (Galeocerdo Cuvier) and the main antagonist of the 2006 computer-animated South Korean-American film, The Reef (North America)/Shark Bait (UK)/The Reef: Shark Bait (Australia)/Pi's Story (South Korea), and its 2012 sequel, The Reef 2: High Tide. All in all, he is the big bad of duology. He was voiced by Donal Logue. This is Troy from the sequel. In the 1st film, Troy lives in the reef and terrorizes everyone. He is accompanied by his cronies, Bart the barracuda and Eddie the wolf eel. He is in love with Cordelia and want to make her his mate, but Pi, the film's protagonist who is also in love with her tries to protect her from the shark. Troy easily beats him then leaves. One night, Troy sees Pi on a date with Cordelia and abuses him more. Cordelia reluctantly and sadly makes him a deal: If he leaves Pi along, she will marry him. As Troy leaves, he tells Cordelia to be ready for his proposal, or else. Realizing he has no pearl to propose to Cordelia with though, Troy orders Bart and Eddie to steal elderly turtle Nerissa's blue pearl. Bart and Eddie protested, being suspicious of the mysterious turtle but Troy dismisses them and threatens them to do his bidding. Though Bart and Eddie fail to steal Nerissa's pearl, (due to Pi scaring them off) they instead snatch Pi's Aunt Pearl's pink pearl. Later, Pi decides to become stronger in order to take revenge on Troy and begins to train with Nerissa, an old turtle who practices martial arts. After a few days, Pi defies Troy and challenges him if he wants Cordelia, he'll have to go through him. Troy accepts his challenge and the 2 fight each other. Pi leads Troy through some painful traps (Elkhorn coral, Fire coral, and Portuguese man o' war) until he gets Troy stuck in a gap. Pi poses for a photo as the scuba divers take a picture of the stuck shark. Unfortunately, the divers freed Troy from the gap and he continues to chase Pi. He pins Pi to a wall causing a ton of pebbles to fall on the wrasse fish. As Cordelia and Dylan try to free Pi, the other sea creatures distract Troy from finishing him off. When Pi is free, he challenges Troy one last time, and Troy chases him again. Pi manages to lure Troy up to a fishing net, trapping the shark. Troy is then lifted out of the water in a fishing net, while Bart and Eddie reformed having enough of his abuse. In the sequel, Troy is revealed to be still alive and captured by the humans, locked in a cage constantly getting painful vaccines from them. However, with the help of a con-artist dwarf shark named Ronny, he manages to escape and decides to take revenge on Pi. He has Ronny disguise himself to spy on Pi and sabotage his training. In this film, Troy became bigger and apparently more cruel, as he doesn't hesitate to to devour his own henchmen (such as sea snake who had hust given him a report, and even Ronny) without any reasons. Later, Troy orders Ronny to bring Cordelia outside the reef "or your career in entertainment will end in tragedy." Troy then goes back to the reef wall as he watches Ronny lure Cordelia out of the reef. Troy then reveals himself to Cordelia and exposes Ronny's disguise to Cordelia, much to her horror. Then the evil tiger shark grabs Cordelia and kidnaps her. Deciding that Ronny had outlived his usefulness, Troy decides to let him go but threatens him "better leave before I change my mind." And Troy leaves. A remorseful Ronny sides with Pi and helps free Cordelia. Ronny blocks the hench-sharks' path telling them to stand up to Troy. Unfortunately, Troy had overheard and furious with Ronny's betrayal, Troy gobbles the little dwarf shark in one gulp, before telling his cronies to move on. Troy and his sharks attack the reef, as many fish outsmart them. Troy bites Pi and subdues him but before he can kill, Nerissa show up with his powerful sea dragon and blasts the other sharks. But Troy sneaks up from behind the turtle and knocks him off the dragon, causing it to dissolve away. Troy then prepares to kill Nerissa but Pi throws a water ball at him, and Troy returns his attention to his sole nemesis and gives chase to him. Eventually, Pi, Cordelia, and their son Junior use the shark trap to beat Troy and send him flying out of the sea and back to the humans' boat. As the humans approach the defeated shark, Ronny flies out of Troy's mouth and back into the sea. The humans then use another vaccine on Troy, and he screams in pain.

Pictures of the 6 lost species of Britain

Rare Villain Defeats: Scar

Rare Villain Success: Scar

Pictures of the villains Dag is similar to

Lion King villains



Hyena Clan



Evil-Doer: Scar

Full Name: Taka

Alias: Scar, Uncle Scar, Your Majesty

Origin: The Lion King

Sex/Gender: Male

Occupation: Leader of The Lion Guard (formerly), Illegitimate King of Pride Rock, Kovu's Adoptive Father

Powers/Skills: Manipulation, Strength

Hobby: Hunting

Goals: To Overthrow and Kill Mufasa In Order To Become The New King of The Pride Lands (succeeded, but not in the way he expected), To Kill Simba In Order To Maintain His Region Over The Pride Lands (failed), To Have Kovu As His Successor (succeeded, but not in the way he expected)

Type of Villain: Usurper, Complete Monster

Status: Deceased

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Subspecies Status: Vulnerable

Species: Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Subspecies: Masai Lion (Panthera Leo Nubica)

Voice: Jeremy Irons

Country: Kenya

Continent: Africa

Release Date: June 15th, 1994

Dag is very similar to:

Scar: They have both killed a clan leader that happened to be the protagonist (Simba and Otis)'s father (Mufasa and Ben), they knew said leader from the past and they have a scar on their eye. As well, they did the same thing to the protagonist that they have to kill their respective fathers: Scar jugged his claws on Mufasa and Simba's paws and Dag bit Ben and Otis's leg. And not only that, but they are also complete monsters, and rather scrawny compared to the other characters in their movies, are leaders of a pack (Scar being the boss of the hyenas and Dag being the boss of his pack), were ordered by the protagonist to never return after they were defeated by them.

Black Wolf: As both of them are complete monsters, canine villains, and totally bent on the destruction of animals, only in Dag's case, it's the animals and The Farmer whereas in Black Wolf's case, it's the reindeer and Santa. They are also both the leaders of their packs.

Shere-Khan 2016: Both are evil predatory animals (Dag being a coyote and Shere-Khan being a tiger) who have scars on their faces and killed the protagonist's father and are later defeated by the protagonist, are the former leaders of a pack of canines (Dag being the former boss of his pack and Shere-Khan being the former boss of the wolves after his murder of Akela). Additionally, The Jungle Book: 2016 came out 10 years later after barnyard.

Koba: Both are animals (Coyote/Bonobo ape) who have scars on their faces, are complete monsters, and they try to kill a clan leader (Casear/Ben), however, Dag actually succeeded, but was defeated by his foster son and successor, Otis).

Sabor: Both are predatory animals (Coyote/Leopard) who killed the protagonist's parents and are later defeated by the protagonists and thus the parents they killed are avenged.

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Stuart Little Falcon

Falcon is the main antagonist of Stuart Little 2. He is Stuart's arch-nemesis and Margalo's ex-boss and slavedriver. He was voiced by James Woods, who also played Hades from Hercules and Dr. Phillium Benedict from Recess: School's Out. He returned in an episode in the animated series, including A Little Bit Country, the 12th episode of the show (voiced by Mark Hamill). In Stuart Little 2, Falcon bullied all creatures in Manhattan, including Margalo, making him a feared bird. He is known for stealing jewels and keeping Margalo to work as his pawn to work on many scams on families for him. Including the Littles. When Margalo landed in Stuart's car and gained the influence and trust of him and the rest of the Littles. When the Littles were all out the next day, Margalo met with Falcon and when he asked for any "valuables" the family had, she told him that they only had a ring. He asked for anything else and she stated that they were a kind, loving family that had each other for care for, much to his disgust. Falcon grew suspicious of Margalo actually beginning to like the family as much as they liked her. She remarked that no one else invited her to live with them, to which Falcon reminded her that he found her as an orphan "plucked her out of the gutter" and "taught her a trade" and reminded her that she was to do as he told her and get the valuables, not to make friends. As much time Margalo spent with the family, she grew to like them and Stuart. Falcon notices thos one night when he spies on her spending a movie night with Stuart and sees how close they've both become. Finally losing his patience, Falcon storms in om Margalo the next day and threatens her to fetch Mrs. Littles ring or he'll kill Stuart. Margalo is forced to go through with this and she steals the ring and leaves later on the evening. Stuart becomes concerned and worried about Margalo gone missing with only her pin left behind. He suspects that Falcon kidnapped her and sneaks out of the house with his cat, Snowbell, to go find her. They find out that Falcon's hide-out is at the disused observation deck of the Pishkin Building. Stuart arrives with a small bow and arrow as his defense weapon. He confronts Falcon and asks him where she is, but then sees a remorsefulness Margalo behind him. Falcon tells Stuart that Margalo's been playing like a harp and reveals Mother Little's ring. Margalo explained she didn't mean to hurt him. Falcon mocks Stuart saying that he really thought that they were really friends, but Margalo said that she actually was his friend. Furious, Falcon picked up Stuart, took him outside the building with a cruel smile, drops him attempting to let him fall to his death and restrained Margalo from trying to save him and imprisoned her in an empty paint can to provide her with an "altitude adjustment," and leaves. Fortunately, Stuart had landed on a garbage truck, but it took him to a garbage barge. Snowbell, getting worried about Stuart, makes his way there and finds Margalo and releases her. Falcon arrived and spotted Snowbell and said he didn't like "canned food" and was about to throw him over the top of the building when Margalo stopped him and stated that she was through with being a thief under his orders and left him, taking the ring with her. Falcon gave chase, but before he could kill her, Stuart had escaped the barge using a now-fixed toy biplane of his that he had accidentally broken earlier and rescues Margalo and Falcon chases them through the city and then the sky. He attempts to crash the biplane by picking it up with his talons and ripping the top, but Stuart managed to take control of the plane again and pulls up. Stuart leaves Margalo to keep her safe from the danger and faces Falcon and reflicts light from his mother's ring into Falcon's eyes, temporarily blinding him and allowing Stuart to parachute away. Falcon's vision clears too late as Stuart's biplane then rams into him, making him fall out of the sky and right into a trash can where Monty was looking for food in. After Monty sees Falcon fall into the trash can, he shouts "Thank you!," and presumably eats him. In the episode "A Little Bit Country," Falcon returned, apparently not eaten by Monty after all (Though the continuity of that is debatable). He has now made new crow henchmen and is out for revenge on Stuart and his friends. Falcon chased Stuart, Snowbell, and Monty, into Crenshaw's new farm. Soon, Falcon corners Snowbell and Monty warns Falcon to back off since cats eat birds, only for Falcon to scare the 2 cats. Snowbell then corrects Monty, telling Falcon what he ment to say was "cats meet birds," then introduces himself to Falcon before beginning him to let him live, before he can kill Snowbell and Monty. Stuart distracts Falcon by taunting him by shouting in a sing-song voice "You'll never get me!," and then by sticking his tongue out at Falcon. Falcon was then defeated by crashing into a cage, felldown, then Snowbell closed the door and locked it. Snowbell then told the menacing bird he had the right to remain silent. From then on, Falcon was never seen or heard from again. It is possible that Falcon starved or was taken by taxidermy.

Size difference between North American wolf and European wolf

Size difference between wolf and dhole

Rare Villain Success: Makunga

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Evil-Doer: Makunga

Full Name: Makunga

Alias: The Alpha Lion, Bad Kitty, Makunga The Lion

Origin: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Sex/Gender: Male

Occupation: Zuba's Rival, Brief Alpha Lion

Hobby: Challenging Zuba

Goals: Become The Alpha Lion (succeeded, for a while)

Type of Villain: Usurper, Trickster, Egotist

Status: Unknown

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Subspecies Status: Vulnerable

Species: Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Subspecies: Massai Lion (Panthera Leo Nubica)

Voice: Alec Baldwin

Country: Tanzania

Continent: Africa

Release Date: November 7th, 2008

Rare Villain Defeats: Makunga

Villain Quotes: Zira

Haven't you met my son Kovu? He was hand-chosen by Scar to follow his pawprints and become King.

Friends? You thought that you could get to the daughter and then Simba would welcome you with open arms? What an idea. What an idea! You brilliant child--I'm so proud of you. You have the came convincing mind that made Scar so... powerful.

You are ready. Nice...very nice. You have the same blackness in your soul that Scar had.

Exactly! And in doing so, you betrayed your pride. Betrayed Scar!

Nuka is dead because of you. YOU'VE KILLED YOUR OWN BROTHER!

It's over, Simba. I have dreamed of nothing else for years!

You're even weaker than I thought. Get out of the way!

If you will not fight, then you will die as well.

I'll never let it go!

This is for you, Scar!

5 keystone species that should be brought back to rewild the United Kingdom

European beaver

Gray wolf

Eurasian lynx

Wild boar

Grey whale