Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cats of Asia


Asian golden cat


Jungle cat

Flat headed cat

Bay cat

Pallas's cat

Sand cat


Eurasian lynx

Sunda clouded leopard

Common clouded leopard

Asiatic lion



Leopard cat

Iriomote cat

Rusty spotted cat

Fishing cat

Snow leopard

Cats of South America


Geoffroy's cat


Andean cat

Pampas cat







Historical sable pictures

Otters of Indonesia

Eurasian otter

Hairy nosed otter

Smooth coated otter

Oriental small clawed otter

My favorite memes in All Hail King Julien

Favorite lemur: Smart Mort

Favorite scene: My fair fossa

Favorite pairing: King Julien x Magic Steve

Favorite villain: Karl

Favorite non-lemur: Fossa

International broadcast for All Hail King Julien

United Kingdom: Netflix

Italy: Frisbee

Germany: Super RTL

Poland: Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and TV Puls

Asia: DreamWorks Channel

Israel: Arutz Ha-Yeladim

Mammals that coexist in Hokkaido, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, and the Kuril islands

Hokkaido wolf

Brown bear

Red fox


Domestic dog

Red squirrel

Siberian flying squirrel

Eurasian lynx


House cat

Animals from the sequels of The Hunter Willem Dafoe should make

Mexican grizzly bear

Hokkaido wolf

Javan tiger

Eastern cougar

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The sable (Martes Zibellina) is a species of marten which inhabits forest environments primarily in Russia from the Ural mountains throughout Siberia, Eastern Kazakhstan, Northern Mongolia, Korea, and Hokkaido, Japan. Its range in the wild originally extended through European Russia to Poland, Italy, and Scandinavia. There is another species of marten native to Japan called the Japanese marten (Martes Melampus). They became extinct in the Oshima peninsula in Hokkaido.

Cat-like Mustelids

Marine otter



The fisher (Martes Pennanti) is a small carnivorous mammal native to North America. It is a member of the Mustelid family and in the marten genus. Although it is called the "Fisher cat," it is not a feline. People have debated the reintroduction of fishers back to Washington state. Sables are also martens and live in Eastern Asia. The Aboriginal names for the fisher are Pekan, Paquam, Wejack, and Woolang.

Marine otter

The marine otter (Lontra Felina) is a rare and poorly known South American cat-like mammal in the weasel family. The scientific name means "Otter-Cat" and in Spanish, it's called "Marine cat." It is one of the 4 otters in thee Lontra genus along with the North American, Southern, and Neotropical. It is found off the coast of Peru, Chile, Argentina, and the Falklands. Unlike the sea otter (which is also endangered) of the Northern Pacific, the marine otter rarely ventures into freshwater habitats.

Cuban solenodon

The Cuban solenodon (Solenodon Cubanus) is a species of soricomorph endemic to the island of Cuba. Its saliva is poisonous and its closest relative is the Hispaniolan solenodon. It is also one of the 8 extinct mammals that may still be alive along with the Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger/wolf), Baiji (Yangtze river dolphin), Javan tiger, Japanese otter, Mexican grizzly, Japanese wolf, and Eastern cougar.

Cranes of Japan

Red crowned crane

Hooded crane

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

All 11 Beech marten subspecies

1. European beech marten

2. Balkan beech marten

3. Cretan beech marten

4. Middle-Asian beech marten

5. Tibetan beech marten

6. Iberian beech marten

7. Rhodes beech marten

8. Caucasian beech marten

9. Crimean beech marten

10. Syrian beech marten

11. Lhasa beech marten

2 Carnivorans that are common in Mainland Europe and rare in Britain

Pine marten


Protected species of Taiwan

Formosan flying fox

Formosan fruit bat

Formosan rock macaque

Formosan panagolin

Pacific bottlenose dolphin

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin

Formosan black bear

Formosan yellow throated marten

Chinese otter

Crab eating mongoose

Formosan gem faced civet

Small Chinese civet

Formosan clouded leopard

Leopard cat

Formosan sambar

Formosan Reeve's muntjac

Formosan serow

Oriental white stork

Black stork

White spoonbill

Black faced spoonbill

Oriental ibis

Chinese egret

Mandarin duck

Grey frog hawk

Asian crested goshawk

Besra sparrow hawk

Grey faced buzzard-eagle

Indian black eagle

Oriental honey buzzard

Hodgson's hawk eagle

Crested serpent eagle

Peregrine falcon


White throated hill partridge

Swinhoe's pheasant

Common pheasant

Mikado pheasant

Common crane

List of Carnivorans by population

Iberian lynx

Iriomote cat

Red wolf

Malabar civet

Darwin's fox

Cozumel raccoon

Saimaa ringed seal

Mediterranean monk seal

Ethiopian wolf

Hawaiian monk seal

Marine otter

Giant otter

Black footed ferret

Island fox

Giant panda

Bay cat



Andean mountain cat

Grandider's mongoose


Snow leopard

Brown hyena

Striped hyena

African wild dog


Eurasian lynx

Sunda clouded leopard

Marbled cat

Rusty spotted cat

Common clouded leopard

Red panda

African golden cat


Chinese mountain cat

Galapagos fur seal

New Zealand sea lion

Juan Fernandez fur seal

Australian sea lion

Sechuran fox

Guadalupe fur seal

Sloth bear

Polar bear

Galapagos sea lion

Maned wolf

Spotted hyena



Baikal seal

Sea otter

Bush dog

Caspian seal

Ross seal

Steller sea lion

Northern elephant seal

New Zealand fur seal

Brown bear

South American sea lion

South American fur seal

Leopard seal

Subantarctic fur seal

Harbor seal

California sea lion

Grey seal

Weddell seal

Southern elephant seal

Hooded seal

American black bear

Northern fur seal

Brown fur seal

Harp seal

Crabeater seal

Silver fox

Domestic dog

House cat

Monday, June 27, 2016

Species reintroduction from Wikipedia

North African ostrich

Southern white rhino

South African cheetah

Amur leopard

Arabian oryx

Bornean orangutan

Indian rhinoceros

Nubian ibex

Eurasian otter

Pere David's deer

Persian fallow deer

Persian leopard

Persian onager

Przewalski's horse

Sarus crane

Sudan cheetah

Turkmenian kulan

Yarkon bleak fish

Neurergus microspilotus

Alpine ibex

Eurasian brown bear

European beaver

European lynx

European black vulture

Goitered gazelle

Golden eagle

Griffon vulture

Iberian lynx


Lesser kestrel

Lesser white fronted goose

Northern bald ibis

Peregrine falcon

Red kite

Western swamphen

White tailed eagle

European bison

Black footed ferret

California condor


Grey wolf

Musk ox

American flamingo

Whooping crane


Giant anteater


Puerto Rican parrot

Red and green macaw

Vinaceous Amazon parrot

My favorite continental animals from the ongoing plans

N. America - Gray wolf in Yellowstone

S. America - Giant anteater in Argentina

Europe - Eurasian lynx in Europe

Asia - Eurasian otter in Japan

Africa - South African cheetah in Swaziland

Australia - Woylie in Australia

Cheetahs of Asia

Sudan cheetah

Asiatic cheetah

Eurasian otter reintroduction









Mustela weasel species

Amazon weasel

Altai mountain weasel


Steppe polecat

Colombian weasel

Long tailed weasel

Japanese weasel

Yellow bellied weasel

European mink

Indonesian mountain weasel

Black footed ferret

Least weasel

Malaysian weasel

European polecat

Domestic ferret

Siberian weasel

Back striped weasel

Egyptian weasel

Egyptian weasel

The Egyptian weasel is a species of weasel that lives in Northern Egypt. It is similar to the least weasel but smaller and female Egyptian weasels can have a litter of up to 3 pups. Weasels are native to every continent besides Australia and Antarctica and have been introduced to New Zealand. The Egyptian weasel is one of the 18 species of weasel along with the Amazon, Altai Mountain, Stoat, Steppe polecat, Colombian, Long tailed, Japanese, Yellow bellied, European mink, Indonesian mountain, Black footed ferret, Least, Malaysian, European polecat, Domestic ferret, and back striped weasels. Weasels are also native to Japan but have been introduced to some parts there. The Japanese weasel is native to Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu and introduced to Hokkaido and Sakhalin. The Siberian weasel is native to Central Asia and introduced to Southern Japan. In 1992, The Egyptian weasel is considered to be a separate species from the least weasel.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

All 18 Least weasel subspecies

1. Common weasel

2. Alleghney weasel

3. Trans-Caucasian weasel

4. Plains weasel

5. Caucasian weasel

6. Eskimo weasel

7. Turkmenian weasel

8. Korean weasel

9. Japanese least weasel

10. Mediterranean weasel

11. Montane Turkestan weasel

12. Siberian least weasel

13. Bangs's weasel

14. Middle-Russian weasel

15. Sichuan weasel

16. Chinese weasel

17. Vietnamese weasel

18. Middle-European weasel

Cats of North America



Canada lynx





3 Easter eggs you will find in every Pixar movie

Pizza Planet truck

A113 code

Hank the Octopus/Septopus

Fennoscandian arctic foxes

The Fennoscandian arctic fox is a critically endangered arctic fox subspecies native to the Fennoscandian area including Norway. There are only 120 individuals left in Scandinavia and hunting is now illegal in some places in Scandinavia. It has been on Norway's endangered species list for nearly 16 years. The Norwegian name for fox is rev. Reserves in Scandinavia have been built.

What 4 scientific names mean

Australis - In the South

Rex - In North America and Asia

Rufus - Red

Ferox - Fierce

Mongolian wildcat

The Mongolian wildcat is a subspecies of the Asiatic wildcat native to Southern Mongolia and was first described in 1916. The Asiatic wildcat subspecies in total are the Mongolian, Arabian, Iraqi, Syrian, Tristram's, and Turkestan wildcats. This is actually a Scottish wildcat at the British wildlife centre in Surrey, England. Other wild felines live in Mongolia such as the Snow leopard, Eurasian lynx, Leopard cat, Tiger, and Pallas's cat.

Arabian wildcat

The Arabian wildcat (Felis Sylvestris Gordoni), also known as the Gordon's wildcat, is a subspecies of wildcat native to the Arabian peninsula and was first described in 1968 by British ornithologist James Maurice Harrison. It was named in honor of Major AC Gordon who collected the type specimen in Oman.


Ring tailed cat

Ring tailed lemur

Ring tailed mongoose



Common genet

Common marmoset

Red panda

Yellow footed rock wallaby

Continental wildcats

European wildcat

Asiatic wildcat

African wildcat

2 unique small animals of the Eastern hemisphere with 2 interesting names

Raccoon dog (Tanuki and Mangut)

Malagasy civet (Fanaloka and Jabady)

Subspecies of the Asiatic wildcat

Mongolian wildcat

Arabian wildcat

Iraqi wildcat

Syrian wildcat

Tristram's wildcat

Turkestan wildcat

Subspecies of the African wildcat

South African wildcat

Mid-Belt wildcat

Kalahari wildcat

Hausa wildcat

Rhodesian wildcat

Abyssinian wildcat

East African wildcat

Ugandan wildcat

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pictures of the 4 lynx species in a country or state where they live in

Canadian lynx (Lynx Canadensis) in Alaska

European lynx (Lynx Lynx) in Germany

Iberian lynx (Lynx Pardinus) in Spain

Bobcat (Lynx Rufus) in Mexico