Friday, May 27, 2016

Successful European animal plans

Alpine ibex in the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps

Eurasian brown bear in several European countries

European beaver in several places in Europe

Eurasian otter in the Netherlands

European lynx in several European regions

European black vulture in Massif in Central France

Goitered gazelle in Georgia

Golden eagle in Wales and Ireland

Griffon vulture in Massif, Israel, and Apennines

Iberian lynx in Portugal

Lammergeir in the Swiss Alps

Lesser kestrel in Spain

Lesser white fronted goose in Sweden and Germany

Northern bald ibis in Austria and Italy

Peregrine falcon in Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Norway

Red kite in Ireland

Western swamphen in the Mondego river basin, Portugal

White tailed eagle in Scotland and Ireland

European bison in Europe

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