Friday, July 31, 2015

David Day: Lost Animals

Hawaiian O-O - lost 1934 and lived in: Hawaii

Caribbean monk seal - lost c.1952 and lived in: Caribbean Sea

Syrian wild ass - lost 1928 and lived in: Middle East

Barbary lion - lost 1922 and lived in: North Africa

Carolina parakeet - lost 1918 and lived in: Southeastern North America

Queen Charlotte island caribou - lost 1908 and lived in: Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada

Japanese wolf - lost 1905 and lived in: Japan

Aldabra giant tortoise - lost 1918 and lived in: Seychelles

Passenger pigeon - lost 1914 and lived in: North America

Pink headed duck - lost 1942 and lived in: Bangladesh

Thylacine - lost 1936 and lived in: Tasmania

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Extinct predators from lost animals of the 20th century


Barbary lion

Caribbean monk seal

Japanese wolf

Bali tiger

Arizonan jaguar

Laughing owl

Pig footed bandicoot

American ivory billed woodpecker

Round island boa

Israel painted frog

Guadalupe caracara

Newfoundland wolf

Mexican grizzly bear

Florida black wolf

Bergman's bear

Great plains wolf

California grizzly bear

Sea mink

Caspian tiger

Barbados raccoon

Gastric brooding frog

Antigua burrowing owl

Vegas valley frog

Southern California kit fox

Falkland islands wolf

Rodreguez day gecko

Madagascan serpent eagle

4 extinct animals that had no fear of man

Dodo (1656)

Falkland island wolf (1876)

Mexican grizzly bear (1964)

Bulldog rat (1903)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Greenland shark

The Greenland shark (Somniosus Microcephalus), also known as the Gurry shark, is the Northernmost shark species found in the North Atlantic of Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Iceland. Greenland sharks mostly eat fish but they sometimes catch seals and a few odd animals have been found in their stomachs including reindeer, moose, and even polar bears. Researchers shown that the Greenland shark is one of the longest lived vertebrates on Earth, living to be 200 years old. The flesh of the Greenland shark is poisonous and this is due to the presence of the toxin trimethylamine oxide, which, when eaten, breaks down into trimethylamine which produces effects similar to drunkenness. Yet, in spite of this, the Greenland shark is still popular food in Iceland and Greenland and in spite of the fact that the Greenland shark is really big and likes to eat marine mammals, and there are no attacks on humans. The reason is the water is just to cold to swim in. Many Greenland sharks have a strange and particular parasite attached to 1 or both corneas. It's a kind of copepod that eats the cornea tissue on Sleeper sharks and Greenland sharks. Nobody knows why this copepod goes after shark eyeballs, and even though it probably does affect the vision of the Greenland shark, it doesn't seem to keep them from being able to find food.

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Extinct animals from the last episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Jamaican iguana (1948)

Eskimo curlew (1990)

Narborough giant tortoise (1906)

Madagascan serpent eagle (1930)

Canary island oystercatcher (1940)

Quagga (1900)

Extinct animals from the 15th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Guadalupe storm petrel (1911)

Ash meadow killifish (1948)

Rodriguez day gecko (1920)

Laysan rail (1944)

Lord Howe island stick insect (1964)

Desert rat kangaroo (1935)

Extinct animals from the 14th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Southern California kit fox (1903)

Antilan grebe (1987)

Antillean giant rice rat (1902)

Steppe tarpan (1900)

Falkland islands wolf (1900)

Azureo spider monkey (1990)

Extinct animals from the 13th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Vegas valley frog (1942)

Dusky seaside sparrow (1987)

Crescent nail tailed wallaby (1956)

St. Helena dragonfly (1963)

Riffle shell fresh water mussel (1920)

Seychelles swallowtail butterfly (1950)

Crescent nail tailed wallaby

Extinct animals from the 12th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Arctic reindeer (1900)

Paradise parrot (1927)

Guadalupe flicker (1906)

Gull island vole (1900)

Lake Titicaca orestia (1950)

Antigua burrowing owl (1900)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Extinct animals from the 11th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Labrador duck (1900)

Cape red hartebeest (1940)

Nigerian pygmy hippo (1990)

Philippine bare backed fruit bat (1970)

Shansi sika deer (1990)

June sucker fish (1940)

Extinct animals from the 10th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Barbados raccoon (1964)

Portuguese ibex (1900)

Gastric brooding frog (1984)

Long tailed hopping mouse (1901)

Delalande's coucal (1932)

Rufus gazelle (1933)

Extinct animals from the 9th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Bergman's bear (1920)

Great plain wolf (1933)

Mamo (1900)

Californian Grizzly bear (1924)

Sea mink (1900)

Caspian tiger (1970)

Extinct animals from the 8th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Guadalupe caracara (1900)

Newfoundland wolf (1911)

Mexican grizzly bear (1964)

Toolache wallaby (1938)

Florida black wolf (1917)

Cape Verde giant skink (1940)

Extinct animals from the 7th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Israel painted frog (1950)

Schomburgk's deer (1938)

American ivory billed woodpecker (1952)

Lanai omao (1931)

Round island boa (1974)

Green solitaire (1900)

Extinct animals from the 6th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Moorean tree snail (1985)

St. Helena giant earwig (1988)

Laughing owl (1914)

Pig footed bandicoot (1901)

Kona giant looper moth (1900)

New Zealand bush wren (1967)

Extinct animals from the 5th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Audubon's badlands bighorn sheep (1925)

Arabian ostrich (1966)

Guam flying fox (1968)

Heath hen (1932)

Culebra Amazonian parrot (1912)

Syrian wild ass (1928)

Extinct animals from the 4th episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Japanese wolf (1905)

Burchell's zebra (1910)

Carolina parakeet (1918)

Bali tiger (1937)

Arizona jaguar (1905)

Merriam's elk (1906)

Extinct animals from the 3rd episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Passenger pigeon (1914)

Wake island rail (1945)

Aldabra giant tortoise (1918)

Bonin wood pigeon (1900)

Caucasian wisent (1926)

Blackfin cisco (1955)

Extinct animals from the 2nd episode of lost animals of the 20th century

Hawaiian O-O (1934)

Hispanolian nesophont (1930)

New Zealand grayling (1927)

Lord Howe island starling (1925)

Bulldog rat (1903)

Gilbert's potoroo (1900)

Extinct animals from the 1st epidode of lost animals of the 20th century


Pink headed duck

Barbary lion

Caribbean monk seal


Queen Charlotte island caribou

Wolf scale

Monday, July 27, 2015

Japanese wolf pictures

Monsters of the USA

Alabama: Choccolocca Monster

Alaska: Iliamna Lake Monster

Arizona: Mogollon Monster

Arkansas: Gowrow

California: Bigfoot

Colorado: Slide Rock Bolter

Connecticut: Melon heads

DC: Abraham Lincoln Ghost

Delaware: Zwaanendael Merman

Florida: Skunk Ape

Georgia: Raptor

Hawaii: Night Marcher

Idaho: The Mist

Illinois: Enfield Horror

Indiana: Beast Of Busco

Iowa: Flying Monsters

Kansas: Satan

Kentucky: Goblins

Louisiana: Vampires

Maine: Pocomoonshine Monster

North Dakota: Beltsville Goatman

Massachusetts: Witches

Michigan: Dogman

Minnesota: Wendigo

Mississippi: Carrot Top Aliens

Missouri: Black Eyed Children

Montana: Flathead Lake Monster

Nebraska: Aliens

Nevada: Ghost of Elvis

New Hampshire: Dover Jazz Ghost

New Jersey: Jersey Devil

New Mexico: Weeping Woman

New York: Cardiff Giant

North Carolina: Poop Monster

North Dakota: Devil Lake Monster

Ohio: Loveland Frogmen

Oklahoma: Oklahoman Octopus

Oregon: Sasquatch

Pennsylvania: Thunderbirds

Rhode Island: Pawtucket Werewolf

South Carolina: Gray Man

South Dakota: Iktomi

Tennessee: Troll

Texas: Chupacabra

Utah: Skinwalkers

Vermont: Pigman

Virginia: Bunnyman Ghost

Washington: Seattle Sea Serpent

West Virginia: Mothman

Wisconsin: Beast of Bray Road

Wyoming: Jackalope

Sunday, July 26, 2015

6 strangest mythical creatures in America


Skunk ape

Lizard man of scape or swamp

Jersey devil

Loveland frogmen


      Bigfoot                                                                                                  Jersey devil

Where Japanese sea lions lived

Sea of Japan (East sea)

Pacific ocean

Japanese archipelago

Korean peninsula

Kuril islands

Southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fox species

Red fox

Arctic fox

Fennec fox

Ruppell's fox

Corsac fox

Bengal fox

Cape fox

Pale fox

Swift fox

Tibetan sand fox

Kit fox

Channel islands fox

Gray fox

Cozumel fox

Bat-eared fox

Crab eating fox

South American gray fox

Pampas fox

Sechuran fox

Culpeo fox

Dariwn's fox

Hoary fox