Monday, May 23, 2016


The wildcat (Felis Sylvestris) is a small wild cat native to most of Africa, Europe, and Southwest Asia and Central Asia into India, Western China and Southern Mongolia. Because of its wide range, it is classified as least concern since 2002. Wildcats are similar to domestic cats but twice the size. The population in Scotland is critically low and have been extirpated in England, Wales, and Ireland. European wildcats are considered to be one of the 11 deadliest animals in Europe along with the asp viper, moose, badger, red fox, raccoon, wild boar, lynx, brown bear, wolverine, and wolf. The African wildcat also lives in Sardinia and parts of Asia. The populations in Scotland, Turkey, Caucasus, and the Mediterranean are considered to be separate species from the European wildcat. It is one of the 6 wild felines in the Felis genus along with the jungle cat, sand cat, domestic cat, Chinese mountain cat, and black footed cat. The Scottish wildcat is considered to be one of the world's most endangered wild felines. This is a European wildcat at Bavarian forest national park, Germany. The European wildcat is the nominate subspecies.

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