Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Husky breeds

Siberian husky

Alaskan malamute


Alaskan husky

Alaskan klee-kai

Greenland dog

Japanese spitz

Canadian Eskimo dog

American Eskimo dog

Labrador husky

Mackenzie river husky

Sakhalin husky

Yakutian laika

Animals that are endangered but not evaluated on Wikipedias

Greenland wolf

Kamchatka brown bear

Florida panther

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My favorite animals from Mammals' planet: Threatened and extinct species

Medny arctic fox

Honshu wolf

Falkland island wolf

Cozumel island fox

Southern Californian kit fox

Turkestan cheetah

Arabian caracal

Formosan clouded leopard

Arizona jaguar

Zanzibar leopard

Persian leopard

Bali tiger

Wisconsin cougar

Japanese otter

Sea mink

Barbados raccoon

North Californian raccoon

Atlas bear

Mexican grizzly bear

Giant polar bear

Giant fossa

Chinese large civet

Extinct cheetahs

American cheetah

Turkestan cheetah

Giant cheetah

Linxia cheetah

Extinct lynxes

Issioire lynx

Sardinian lynx

Pictures of real life Pikachu

Extinct hog nosed skunks

White backed hog nosed skunk

Big thicket hog nosed skunk

Extinct ducks

Labrador duck

Pink headed duck

Endangered foxes

Fennec fox

Darwin's fox

Island fox

San Joaquin fox

Simien fox (Ethiopian wolf)

2 recently extinct wildcats of the USA that their names begin with the name of a state

Arizona jaguar (1905)

Wisconsin cougar (1925)

Hungry shark evolution

Reef shark

Mako shark

Hammerhead shark

Tiger shark

Great white shark


Dunkleosteus (Big daddy)

Mosasaurus (Mr. snappy)

Electric shark

Robot shark

Ice shark

Rocky mountain wolves

Northern rocky mountain wolf

Southern rocky mountain wolf (extinct)

Arctic fox subspecies

Medny arctic fox

Fennoscandian arctic fox

Siberian arctic fox

Bering islands arctic fox

Icelandic arctic fox

Pribilof islands arctic fox

Greenland arctic fox

Wolves of Canada

Arctic wolf

Newfoundland wolf

British Columbia wolf

Vancouver island wolf

Cascade mountain wolf

Manitoba wolf

Hudson bay wolf

Northern rocky mountain wolf

Northwestern wolf

Baffin island wolf

Bernard's wolf

Yukon wolf

Alaskan tundra wolf

Eastern wolf

Labrador wolf

Greenland wolf

Dire wolf

The dire wolf (Canis Dirus) is a prehistoric canid in the genus Canis, roughly the same size as the gray wolf but the dire wolf was heavier. The dire wolf was the largest canine species ever. They were known to attack bison, horses, and other animals. They were also known to compete with bears, saber-toothed cats, American lions, and other predators. Its 1st remains were found in 1854 in La Brea and nearly 4,000 wolves were found in La Brea. The dire wolf lived in both North and South America. The dire wolf was possibly South America's only Canis species.

Cape lion

The cape lion (Panthera Leo Melanochaitus) is an extinct subspecies of the African lion native to South Africa. It was declared extinct in 1865 and as with the Barbary lion, several people and institutions claim to have cape lions. There is much confusion between cape lions and other dark maned captive lions.

Newfoundland wolf

The Newfoundland wolf (Canis Lupus
Beothucus) was a subspecies of gray wolf native to the Canadian island of Newfoundland in the Atlantic ocean. In 1911, it was declared extinct. In 2005, it is considered a valid subspecies by MSW3. All the wolves of Newfoundland are extinct and there are other subspecies including the Labrador and great plains. The Labrador wolf lives in Northern Quebec and Labrador and recent confirmed sightings on Newfoundland. The great plains wolf lives and lived in North, East, and West Mexico, USA, Newfoundland, Alexander archipelago, and other places. I 1st noticed this species from a video of 7 extinct wolves and they were all subspecies of the gray wolf. They are the Hokkaido wolf (Canis Lupus Hattai), Great plains wolf (Canis Lupus Nubilis), Mogollon mountain wolf (Canis Lupus Mogollensis), Newfoundland wolf (Canis Lupus Beothucus), Kenai peninsula wolf (Canis Lupus Alces), Texas gray wolf (Canis Lupus Monstralibis), and Japanese wolf (Canis Lupus Hodophilax). The great plains wolf isn't extinct but it became extinct in the Western region for unknown reasons but it now lives in the Northern parts of the Midwestern US states and Southeastern Canada. The Eastern coyote is a hybrid of an Eastern wolf and a coyote and also lives in Newfoundland.

Arizonan jaguar pictures

Cave lions

Cave lion (European lion)

Panthera leo spelaea (Eurasian cave lion)

American lion (American cave lion)

Where Wisconsin cougars lived





Extinct animals of Wisconsin

Wisconsin cougar

Carolina parakeet

Passenger pigeon

My favorite extinct wildcats

Wisconsin cougar

Arizona jaguar

Sardinian lynx

Zanzibar leopard

Extinct raccoons

Barbados raccoon

Short faced raccoon

Extinct northern state raccoons

North Californian raccoon

North Carolina raccoon

Wisconsin cougar

The Wisconsin cougar (Puma Concolor Schorgeri) is a possibly extinct cougar native to the 5 US states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas. Like I said in my Japanese gazelle post, I live in Wisconsin. It wasn't really a separate species, it was actually a population of the North American cougar. There have been sightings from 2008 to October, 2013. There are also rare sightings of black bears, wolves, and lynxes. The other extinct cougar is the Eastern cougar, which was declared extinct in 2011. Lynxes, jaguars, and cougars are the only big cats native to the Americas.

Animals' paws and claws that grip on sandy and icy surfaces

Polar bear (Icy surfaces)

Southern Californian kit fox (Sandy surfaces)

My favorite extinct elks

Merriam's elk

Eastern elk

When and how 3 animals went extinct in unknown times

Giant fossa

Sardinian dhole

Medny arctic fox

Medny arctic fox

The Medny arctic fox (Alopex Lagopus Semenovi) is a critically endangered but possibly extinct subspecies of arctic fox native to Medny island in the Pacific ocean close to Kamchatka. When and how the larger form went extinct in unknown just like Cryptoprocta Spelea and the Sardinian dhole. Medny island is a North American island that is off the coast of the Kamchatka peninsula. There is another critically endangered arctic fox native to Scandinavia.

Giant short faced animals

Giant short faced bear

Giant short faced kangaroo

Short faced bears


Lesser short faced bear

Giant short faced bear

Extinct polar bears

Labrador polar bear

Giant polar bear

Extinct civets

Chinese large civet

Malabar civet

Mammal's planet: Threatened and extinct species

Medny arctic fox

Dire wolf

Kenai peninsula wolf

Mexican wolf/Mexican gray wolf

Newfoundland wolf

Bernard's wolf/Banks islands tundra wolf/Banks island wolf

Spanish wolf/Murcia wolf

Cascade mountain wolf/Northwest coast wolf/Brown wolf

Honshu wolf

Northern rocky mountain wolf

Austro Hungarian wolf

Southwestern wolf/Mongollon mountain wolf

Texas gray wolf/Loafer/Lobo/Texas wolf

Great plain wolf/Great plain lobo wolf/Buffalo wolf/Dusky wolf

Choukoutien wolf

Southern rocky mountain wolf

Florida red wolf/Florida wolf

Common red wolf/Texan red wolf

Falkland island wolf/Antarctic wolf/Falkland fox

Western Falkland island wolf

Eastern Falkland island wolf

Cozumel island fox

Southern Californian kit fox/Long eared kit fox

Transcaspian cheetah/Turkestan cheetah

Acinonyx jubatus velox

Schmitz's caracal/Arabian caracal

Felis silvestris affnis

Cretan wild cat

Issoire lynx

Sardinian lynx

Formosan clouded leopard

American lion

European lion/Cave lion

Barbary lion

Cape lion

Cave lion

Arizona jaguar

Zanzibar leopard

Panthera pardus barbarus/Barbary leopard

Near eastern leopard/Caucasus leopard

Indian leopard

Sinai leopard

Anatolian leopard

Bali tiger

Javan tiger

Bengal tiger/Indian tiger

Caspian tiger/Hyrcanian tiger/Turan tiger

Eastern cougar/Adirondack cougar/Eastern puma/Eastern mountain lion/Catamount/Panther

Wisconsin cougar

Makapanstag hyaena

Hyaena hyaena satunini

Hog nosed skunk/White backed skunk

Big thicket hog nosed skunk/Swamp hog nosed skunk/White backed skunk

Aonyx antiquus

Japanese otter

Black footed ferret/Black footed mink

Berber polecat

Sea mink/Shall heap mink

Maryland badger

Papago spring badger

Barbados raccoon

North Californian raccoon

Ailuropoda melanoleuca baconi

Buenos Aires bear

Brazilian bear

Pampas bear

Lesser short faced bear

Giant short faced bear

Florida cave bear

Peruvian spectacled bear

Absaroka Mnt brown bear

Arizona brown bear/Arizona grizzly

Baird grizzly

Black hill grizzly

Bajan bear/Californian bear/Californian coast grizzly

Chelan grizzly

Sacramento valley grizzly

Atlas bear/Crowther's bear

Hensaw grizzly

New Mexican grizzly,Mexican grizzly/Mexican grizzly bear/Californian grizzly

American grizzly bear/Big plain grizzly/Silvertip

Sonoran grizzly

Klamath grizzly bear

Twin lake grizzly

Southern Californian grizzly

Mendochino bear/Medochino grizzly

Navaho grizz;y

Mexican silver grizzly

Mt. Taylor grizzly

Lillooet grizzly

Kamchatka brown bear/Bergman's bear

Flat headed grizzly

Ursus arctos texenis

Sirian brown bear/Syrian bear

Texas brown bear

Tulare bear/Tejon bear

Labrador polar bear

Giant polar bear

Giant fossa

Chinese large civet

Extinct cougars

Eastern cougar

Wisconsin cougar


Chacoan peccary

White lipped peccary

Collared peccary


Bornean orangutan

Sumatran orangutan

Animals that live in both Africa and South Asia

Honey badger

Crested porcupine

Golden jackal

Striped hyena

Monday, September 28, 2015

Extinct animals of Arizona

Arizonan jaguar

Mexican grizzly bear

Merriam's elk

Southern California kit fox

California grizzly bear

Veracruz jaguar

The Veracruz jaguar (Panthera Onca Veraecrucis), also known as the Northeastern jaguar or Texas jaguar, is another extinct jaguar subspecies which ranged from Tabasco, Mexico to Texas so it was a North American jaguar. The jaguar is divided into different subspecies.

Goldman's jaguar

Goldman's jaguar (Panthera onca goldmani) is another extinct subspecies of jaguar that ranged from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico to Northern Belize and Southern Honduras. The jaguar was divided into different subspecies.

Central American jaguar

The Central American jaguar (Panthera onca centralis) is an extinct subspecies of jaguar native to Central America and Columbia. The Central American jaguar was referred to a geographic group. The jaguar lived in the USA, Northern Mexico, Central America to the Middle, and Southern Columbia.

Pictures of skinned extinct specimens

Arizona jaguar

Malabar civet

Extinct animals of 1905

Honshu wolf

Arizonan jaguar

Extinct animals of Iran

Caucasian moose

Syrian elephant


Asiatic lion (Possibly endangered in India)

Caspian tiger

Tigers saved from extinction

Bengal tiger

Siberian tiger