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Differences between coyotes and gray wolves

Gray wolves with country names

Mexican wolf

Austro-Hungarian wolf

Italian wolf

Arabian wolf

Iberian wolf

Egyptian wolf

Japanese wolf (Hokkaido and Honshu)

Queen Charlotte islands caribou

The Queen Charlotte island caribou, also known as the Dawson's caribou, is an extinct subspecies of caribou that was native to Graham island in the Queen Charlotte islands off the coast of Northwestern Canada. It was declared extinct in 1908 and the last specimens were 2 bulls, a cow, and a calf. The hunters shot all of them but they didn't shoot the calf but without its parents, it died soon after. The Florida black wolf was also declared extinct in 1908. There is another extinct subspecies of caribou or reindeer called the Arctic reindeer of Eastern Greenland.

Gull island vole

The Gull island vole is an extinct subspecies of meadow vole native to New York's Great Gull island. It went extinct after habitat destruction for naval fortifications in August 1898 for the Spanish-American war. It is known that 15 specimens are in Washington DC.

Mountain dogs

Bernese mountain dog

Greater Swiss mountain dog

Formosan mountain dog

Pyrenean mountain dog (Great Pyrenees)

Unrecognized subspecies of the arctic fox

Fennoscandian arctic fox

Siberian arctic fox

Medny arctic fox

Recognized subspecies of the arctic fox

Greenland arctic fox

Pribilof islands arctic fox

Iceland arctic fox

Bering islands arctic fox

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Extinct mountain wolves of 1935

Mogollon mountain wolf

Southern Rocky mountain wolf

Recently extinct small wild cats

Formosan clouded leopard

Cape serval

Schmitz's caracal

Recently extinct big cats

Barbary lion

Cape lion

Bali tiger

Caspian tiger

Javan tiger

Arizonan jaguar

Zanzibar leopard

Wisconsin cougar

Eastern cougar

Gray wolf range

Languages for the word wolf

English - Wolf

Spanish - Lobo

Hungarian - Farkas

Catalan - Llop

French ~ Loup

Japanese ~ Kammi

2 animals that can talk or read like humans



Wolves of Greenland

Arctic wolf

Greenland wolf

Variegated wolf

The variegated wolf (Canis Anthus Sondanicus), also known as the Nubian wolf, is a golden wolf subspecies native to Sudan and Somalia. It is smaller and more lightly built than the Egyptian wolf, standing 38 cm at the shoulder and 102 cm in length. It mainly preys on small mammals and birds. It has been encountered of up to 5000 ft in the highlands of Abyssinia.

Endangered gray wolves

Arctic wolf

Tibetan wolf

Egyptian wolf

Arabian wolf

Mexican wolf

Italian wolf

Steppe wolf

Greenland wolf

Baffin island wolf

Alaskan tundra wolf

Hudson bay wolf

Red wolf

Wolves of Algeria

Algerian wolf

Egyptian wolf

Wolves of Egypt

Egyptian wolf

Arabian wolf

Wolves of Senegal

Egyptian wolf

African wild dog

Senegalese wolf

Abe The Conservationist: Hokkaido wolf (Abe and Luna)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Egyptian wolf pictures

Wolves of Somalia

Somali wolf

Somali wild dog

Variegated wolf

All subspecies of all African wolves

Arabian wolf

Egyptian wolf

Algerian wolf

Senegalese wolf

Serengeti wolf

Somali wolf

Variegated wolf

Northern Ethiopian wolf

Southern Ethiopian wolf

Cape wild dog

East African wild dog

West African wild dog

Chadian wild dog

Somali wild dog

Where Melville island is



Extinct animals of 1952

Bernard's wolf

Caribbean monk seal

Bernard's wolf

The Bernard's wolf (Canis Lupus Bernardi), also known as the Banks island tundra wolf, Banks island wolf, or Victoria's island wolf, is an extinct subspecies of gray wolf that lived in The Banks and Victoria islands of the Canadian arctic. The arctic wolf (Canis Lupus Arctos) is also native to the Canadian arctic and the Bernard's wolf was declared extinct in 1918 or 1952. It was described as "white with black tipped hair along the ridge of the back". The Caribbean monk seal was also declared extinct in 1952. Banks island and Victoria's island are islands North close to The Canadian mainland.

Eurasian wolf

The Eurasian wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus), also known as the common wolf or Middle-Russian forest wolf, is a gray wolf subspecies native to Eurasia and extinct in Central Finland, France, Britain, Ireland, and other places. The common wolf is the nominate subspecies. The last wolf in Central Finland was killed in 1911, which is the year when the Newfoundland wolf became extinct. I noticed the English wolf was an extinct population of the Eurasian wolf because on the Wikipedia, I looked at the gray wolf range. There is no documented record of a man being killed by an American wolf. European wolves, maybe.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Island wolves

Alexander archipelago wolf

Falkland islands wolf

Vancouver island wolf

Baffin island wolf

Bernard's wolf

Tundra wolf

The tundra wolf (Canis Lupus Albus), also known as the Eurasian tundra wolf, Siberian tundra wolf, Turukhan tundra wolf, Eurasian arctic wolf, or Turukhan wolf, is a subspecies of gray wolf ranging from Finland to Kamchatka. It was 1st described in 1792 by Robert Kerr. It lives in the Northernmost areas in Eurasia. 500 wolves were caught in the Taymyr peninsula and Kanin peninsula. They used to fight with the Hokkaido wolves there in the Kamchatka peninsula and the Hokkaido wolf ranged from the Japanese island of Hokkaido up to Russia's island of Sakhalin and Kamchatka peninsula, and the Kuril islands. The tundra wolf is a Eurasian ancestor of the arctic wolf. This is a picture of a taxidermied specimen at the museum of zoology. They also live in the Chukota peninsula in the Easternmost of Russia, even farther east than the Kamchatka peninsula. Kamchatka is in the Southern part of Northeastern Russia. There is more than one tundra wolf like the Alaskan tundra wolf, Baffin island wolf, and the recently extinct Bernard's wolf.

Where arctic wolves live

Canadian arctic

Eastern Alaska

Northern Greenland

Queen Elizabeth islands

Northernmost wolves

Arctic wolf

Tundra wolf

Greenland wolf

Alaskan tundra wolf

Bernard's wolf

Baffin island wolf

Pictures of differences between live Canadian wolves and European wolves

Canadian wolf


European wolf  

Wolves of Asia

Eurasian wolf

Tundra wolf

Arabian wolf

Steppe wolf

Tibetan wolf


Hokkaido wolf

Honshu wolf

Indian wolf

Wolves of Europe

Eurasian wolf

Italian wolf

Iberian wolf

Tundra wolf

Arabian wolf

Steppe wolf

Austro-Hungarian wolf 

English wolf

Greenland wolf

Wolves of North America

Gray wolf

Red wolf

Eastern wolf


3 names what gray wolves are also called

Tundra wolf

Arctic wolf

Timber wolf

Wolves of the Arctic

Arctic wolf

Alaskan tundra wolf

Tundra wolf

Greenland wolf

Bernard's wolf

Baffin island wolf

Pictures of differences between skulls of Canadian wolves and European wolves

              Canadian wolf                                                                       European wolf                    

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Youtube play buttons

When you get 100 subscribers, you get a small bronze play button. When you get 100,000 subscribers, you get a silver play button. When you get 1,000,000 subscribers, you get a big golden play button. And when you get 10,000,000 subscribers, you get a great special diamond play button.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tibetan wolf

The Tibetan wolf (Canis Lupus Chanco), also known as the woolly wolf or Mongolian wolf, is an endangered subspecies of gray wolf native to Tibet, Mongolia, China, and India. It was thought to be an ancestor of a domestic dog and this picture was taken in the Tennoji zoo, Osaka, Japan. Someday, people are probably gonna introduce arctic wolves or Melville island wolves (which are also gray wolf subspecies and are endangered) to Antarctica and Northern Eurasia. People are gonna introduce some other wolves to some other places like South America and other places. Well, dire wolves lived in South America. There might be some wolves in some countries where they used to inhabit and they don't inhabit escaping from zoos like the Hexham wolf from England. Gray wolves live in the remote areas of North America, Eurasia, North, East, and West Africa (Egyptian and Arabian), and Australia (Dingo).

British brown bears

Brown bears used to live in the UK until 1000 AD. There were also lynxes that also used to live in Britain and the lynxes there became extinct in Roman times. It wasn't a different species or subspecies, it was actually a regular Eurasian brown bear. This is a regular live European brown bear at the Whipsnade zoo in England. Other brown bears in Europe became extinct in Denmark in 3000 BC, Eastern Germany in 1770, Bavaria in 1836, Switzerland in 1904, and the French Alps in 1937. In the last 50 years, British ecologists and conservationists have debated the reintroduction of bears, wolves, and lynxes. I wonder what it's like if they returned. The biggest problem of bringing back bears is that they don't have enough habitat for bears today, not in England and Wales but they might have enough habitat in the Scottish highlands. The lynx became extinct first, then the bear, and then the wolf. The Scottish highlands could all support lynx populations and wolf populations. If you want to survive bear attacks, go to my Bear Safety post and you will learn. Bears are one of the 11 deadliest European animals along with the Asp vipers, Moose, Badgers, Red foxes, Raccoons (Introduced), European wildcats, Wild boars, Lynxes, Wolverines, and Wolves. Some say that we should reintroduce wolves to Scotland to control deer numbers. Even David Attenborough thinks we should reintroduce the missing predators to the British countryside. At least black bears still live in Mexico. We already know that beavers have returned to Scotland in 2009. It would be amazing and interesting if the Eurasian lynx, Gray wolf, and Brown bear returned to the British and Irish countrysides. One day, a brown bear was spotted in Cairngorms national park in Scotland but it wasn't confirmed. After I discovered that wolves lived there, I wondered if bears still live there. Compared to other European countries, The UK has been slow to reintroduce its indigenous species, despite European legislation encouraging it. Big predators now roam in nearly one-third of Mainland Europe. There are currently 17,000 brown bears, 12,000 gray wolves, 9,000 European lynxes, and 1,250 wolverines.

Serengeti wolf

The Serengeti wolf (Canis Anthus Bea) is an endangered subspecies of the golden wolf native to the Savannah grasslands of Kenya and Northern Tanzania. It is one of the 3 unrecognized subspecies of the golden wolf along with the Algerian and Somali. It kinda looks like a side striped jackal and a black backed jackal. Some wolves look(ed) like jackals like Japanese (Hokkaido and Honshu) wolves, Ethiopian wolves, coyotes, Egyptian wolves, and other wolves. The African wild dog is also known as the ornate wolf and both the Somali wild dog and Somali wolf are both wolf subspecies of the wild dog and golden wolf and they are also both critically endangered. The wolves of Africa that have subspecies are the Ethiopian, Golden, Gray, and Wild dog (Ornate wolf). The Ethiopian wolf subspecies are the Northern and Southern. The Golden wolf subspecies are the Algerian, Senegalese, Egyptian, Somali, Variegated, and Serengeti. The Gray wolf subspecies are the Egyptian and Arabian. The Wild dog subspecies are the Cape, East African, West African, Chadian, and Somali.

Algerian wolf

The Algerian wolf (Canis Anthus Algerensis) is a subspecies of African golden wolf native to Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. It is one of the 6 subspecies of the golden wolf along with the Senegalese, Serengeti, Egyptian, Somali, and Variegated. 3 subspecies are recognized including the Egyptian, Variegated, and Senegalese. The Egyptian wolf is a subspecies of the gray or golden wolf just like the Florida black wolf was a subspecies of the gray or red wolf.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Pictures of Hokkaido wolves in the wild that look the same

Gray wolves of Africa

Arabian wolf

Egyptian wolf

Egyptian wolf scientific names

Canis Areus Lupaster

Canis Lupaster

Canis Lupus Lupaster

Canis Sacer

Years when the English wolf became extinct










All British extinct animals I know












































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Pictures of what Hokkaido wolves exactly looked like

Continents where foxes usually live

North America

South America




Cougars that don't live in the countries in Eurasia but on my tablet, there are countries in Eurasia

Japanese cougar

French cougar

Korean cougar

Spanish cougar

German cougar

Italian cougar

Thai cougar

Indian cougar

Russian cougar

Indonesian cougar

Animals that don't live in Japan but on my tablet, there are animals with the word Japanese

Japanese cheetah

Japanese bonobo

Japanese possum

Japanese meerkat

Japanese armadillo

Japanese kangaroo

Japanese skunk

Japanese bearded dragon

Japanese vulture

Japanese gerbil

Japanese orangutan

Japanese cougar

Japanese panda

Japanese elephant

Japanese camel

Japanese tapir

Japanese moose

Andean white eared opossum

The Andean white eared opossum is a possum species native to the Andes mountains of South America, ranging from Venezuela to Bolivia. The other subspecies of white eared opossum is the Guianan white eared opossum.

Country possums

Brazilian possum

American possum

Australian possum

Honshu wolf names

Honshu wolf

Japanese wolf


Mountain dog

Simply wolf

Pygmy wolf

Japanese dwarf wolf

Hokkaido wolf names

Hokkaido wolf

Ezo wolf

Sakhalin wolf

My favorite subspecies of the Asian black bear

Formosan black bear

Japanese black bear

2 pictures of real and animated fossas that actually resemble each other

Cats that coexist in The Southern USA, Mexico, Central, and South America