Sunday, November 20, 2016

Soto is very similar to:

Shere-Khan 2016: As they are both big cats who want to seek revenge on humans and want to kill one specific child (Mowgli for Shere-Khan; Roshan for Soto) And do not hesitate to kill anyone who stands in their way.

Timber Wolf: As they both wanted to slaughter the protagonists and the babies (Soto wants to kill Manny and Roshan; Timber Wolf wants to kill Benji and the Cougar cubs). Soto wanted to do it for revenge, unlike Timber Wolf. Both die in the end (Soto gets killed by sharp icicles; Timber Wolf falls off a cliff). Both attack their enemies towards the beginning (Soto attacks the humans at their camp; Timber Wolf attacks Benji at the hunter's cabin).

Dag: As they both are leaders of their packs, who try to eat their victims (Humans in Soto's; Hens in Dag's case). Both try to kill the protagonist (Soto tries to kill Roshan and Manny; Dag tries to kill Otis).

Zira: As they both have their second-command (Diego/Vitani). Unlike Zira, he doesn't have children, instead, he has troops. Both are feline predators (Soto being a saber-toothed cat; Zira being a lioness). Both are betrayed in their second-command. They both order their second-command to attack the tribe (Humans in Soto's; Pridelanders in Zira's case). Both die in the end (Soto is killed by sharp icicles; Zira fell from a cliff into the Nile).

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