Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sabor Leopard

Sabor is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 37th full length animated feature film, Tarzan, and the tertiary antagonist in Tarzan 2. She is a female leopard who killed Tarzan's parents and Kerchak and Kala's son. In a way, she is the reason Kala adopted Tarzan. Her voice effects (roars, growls, and hisses) were provided by Frank Welker. In Walt Disney produced animated movie "Tarzan", the meaning ofthe word was changed yet again, to "leopard", despite the prior existence of a different and quite serviceable Mangan term for leopard (Sheeta). The alternation appears to have been made for 2 reasons. The first for factual accuracy; lions are in fact creatures of the veldt, not the jungle as portrayed in Burroughs's tales; in African jungles, the dominant (and only) large predator is indeed the leopard. The second was more aesthetic; Sabor, they felt, is simply a more evocative and interesting word than Sheeta. The specific Sabor appearing in the film is the female leopard that kills Tarzan's parents and kills Kala and Kerchak's child and is later killed by Tarzan in turn. This occurs during a running fight between the two that culminates when Sabor leaps down on Tarzan and plunges them both into a pit, and is incidentally impaled on the head of Tarzan's spear top as the ape man raises it against the leopard, killing her. Tarzan then calls out the famous ape man cry, as he lifts up Sabor's dead body. Sabor also made a brief appearance in Tarzan 2, which took place during Tarzan's youth. While she chased Tarzan into a valley, she nearly kills Tarzan, but the sudden cry of the Zugor frightens him off. Sheeta, the discarded original Burroughs designation, was later used in The Legend of Tarzan as the name for one of 2 black panthers that attack together (the name of the other was Nuru). Black panthera are actually a color variety of leopards and they do exist in African jungles, although they seem to be rare. Sabor has been mentioned in the series. Despite being a leopard, Sabor was portrayed in a very stylized way, with a body and head with strange angles, very long thin fangs, and scarce spots unlike those of a real leopard. This design contrasts sharply with that of other characters in the movie (like Kerchak) who were designed on a relatively more realistic style. As usual in the film depictions of big cats, Sabor's roars are a mixture of sounds of several felines, including leopards, lions, and tigers, but especially cougars. Sabor features as a prominent antagonist and boss in the Deep Jungle world in the first Kingdom Hearts game. After the protagonist, Sora, crash lands in the treehouse, Sabor attempts to kill him, but Sora beats Sabor back until Tarzan appears and drives her off. She later attacks Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Tarzan several times, but is always forced to back off. Eventually, just when Clayton goes missing, Sabor appears for one more battle with Sora, who kills her. Kingdom Hearts' Jiminy's Journal entry: A leopard feared by all who live in the jungle, and an enemy of Tarzan and the gorillas. Sabor is a cunning hunter who targets the weak and helpless. She stalked onto the scene in "Tarzan" (1999). Sabor is classified as a female leopard (also called the leopardess). Sabor is the only villain in Tarzan as a female. Sabor is another close enemy of Tarzan, alongside Clayton, since she killed his birth parents and relentlessly pursued him ever since he was a baby. Sabor is the only villain in Tarzan who never speaks. The name "Sabor" means "taste" in Spanish and Portuguese. Sabor is very similar to Shere-Khan from The Jungle Book. . They both are man-eaters and want to kill the protagonist (Tarzan for Sabor; Mowgli for Shere-Khan). Both are scarce for a thing and run away (Sabor is afraid by Zugor; Shere-Khan is afraid by fire).

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