Sunday, November 20, 2016

Do-Gooder: Abe The Conservationist

Full Name: Abe The Conservationist

Alias: None

Origin: Abe The Conservationist

Sex/Gender: Male

Likes: Blogging, Playing Video Games, Watching Movies, Internet Reading, Making YouTube Videos, Watching YouTube, Bragging About Amy Being Cute, Wrestling With Elias (sometimes), Luna, Pixar, Listening To Music

Dislikes: Elias (sometimes), Lysi (sometimes), Being Harassed By Elias

Family: Rusty (dad), Amy (mom), Elias (older brother), Lysi (younger sister), Luna (cat)

Friends: Bilal Qureshi, Jaisa McLain, More Friends On YouTube

Enemies: Elias (sometimes), Lysi (sometimes)

Age: 14

Agonist: Protagonist

Occupation: Conservationist, 2nd Oldest Child, YouTuber, Student, Fanatic, Blogger

Powers/Skills: Highly Intelligent, Teaching

Hobby: Working On His Websites, Listening To Music

Goals: Teach People About Animals Around The World

Type of Hero: Conservationist

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