Sunday, November 20, 2016

Do-Gooder: Luna

Full Name: Luna

Alias: Nickels (Elias), Mrs Schmuggels (Lysi)

Origin: Abe The Conservationist

Sex/Gender: Female

Likes: Wet Food, Cheese, Dry Food, Playing, Wrestling With Tomahawk (sometimes), Abe and His Family

Dislikes: Wrestling With Tomahawk (sometimes), Being With Abe (sometimes)

Family: Rusty (dad), Amy (mom), Elias (Abe's older brother), Abe (middle child), Lysi (Abe's younger sister)

Friends: Abe and His Family

Enemies: Tomahawk, Saggy Naggy

Age: 15 in cat years

Agonist: Deuteragonist

Occupation: Cat

Powers/Skills: Speed, Claws, Strength, Teeth

Hobby: Playing, Wrestling With Tomahawk (sometimes), Eating, Sleeping

Goals: None

Type of Hero: Animal Hero

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