Monday, November 14, 2016

List of villain fates

Timber Wolf: Fell off a cliff

Soto: Stabbed by sharp icicles

Sharptooth: Crushed by a rock and drowned

King Fossa: Defeated by Alex

Cretaceous & Maelstrom: Crushed by a giant rock

Nuka: Crushed by a log

Shere-Khan: Alternative in each version

Scar: Killed by the Hyena Clan

Smokey: Attacked by dogs

Zira: Fell into a river and drowned

Jaws: Alternative in each movie

Percival McLeach: Fell into a river and drowned

Black Wolf: Plummeted to his death

Alpha Wolf: Unknown

Fox: Plummeted to his death

Phango: Crushed by a giant rock

Smilodon Brothers: Killed by a Megatherium and Half-Tooth

Mountain Lion: Fell into Shadow's trap

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