Monday, November 21, 2016

Evil-Doer: Elias The Comedian

Full Name: Elias The Comedian

Alias: Psycho Brother

Origin: Abe The Conservationist

Sex/Gender: Male

Likes: Bothering Abe, Making Various Jokes, Abe (sometimes), Lysi (sometimes), Playing Video Games On His Xbox and PlayStation3

Dislikes: Abe (sometimes), Lysi (sometimes)

Family: Rusty (dad), Amy (mom), Abe (younger brother), Lysi (younger sister), Luna (cat)

Friends: Ben, Ethan, Elizabeth (formerly), Katherine

Enemies: Abe (sometimes)

Age: 18

Agonist: Main Antagonist

Occupation: Comedian, Oldest Child, Student

Powers/Skills: Highly Intelligent, Very Funny Jokes

Hobby: Harassing Abe, Making Jokes

Goals: Harass Abe

Type of Villain: Abuser, Incompetent Villain

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