Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thylacoline Zealandus

Thylacoline Zealandus is an extinct carnivore that was most likely a marsupial. It was New Zealand's only native land mammal. It would have been able to take down giant moas, or even ambush the other top predator of New Zealand, Haast's eagle. Did you think that New Zealand was only dominated by birds? Well, it was also dominated by Thylacoline Zealandus. It lived 1,000,000 years ago, and was the size of a Siberian tiger. Its common ancestors are wombats and koalas, which are from Australia. The Haast's eagle, another top predator in New Zealand survived until very recently had talons the size of a tiger's claws that would crush the neck of a giant moa, and had a 3 meter wingspan. Thylacoline is one of the least known prehistoric carnivores, like the Giant fox (Vulpes Gigas) for instance.

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