Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Zealand moose

In 1900, an attempt to introduce moose into the Hokitika area failed; then in 1910, 10 moose (4 bulls and 6 cows) were introduced to Fiordland national park. Those 2 parks are in the South island. This area is considered a less than suitable habitat, and subsequent low numbers of sightings and kills have led to some presumption of this population's failure. The last proven sighting of a moose in New Zealand was in 1952. However, a moose antler was found in 1972, and DNA tests showed that hair collected in 2002 was from a moose. There has been extensive searching, and while automated cameras failed to capture photographs, evidence was seen of bedding spots, browsing and antler marks. Moose were introduced from Canada, but moose weren't the only nonnative introduced deer species in New Zealand; there were also sika deer, red deer, rhusa deer, and white-tailed deer.

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