Monday, August 29, 2016

Texas macaques

Japanese macaques or snow monkeys were introduced to Texas. In 1972, a troop of about 150 Japanese macaques was relocated from Kyoto to a primate observatory in Southwest Texas. The observatory is an enclosed ranch-style environment and the macaques have been allowed to roam with minimal human interference. At first, many perished in the unfamiliar habitat, which consists if arid brushland. The macaques eventually adapted to the environment, and learned to forage for mesquite beans, cactus fruits, and other foods. The monkeys flourished, and by 1995, the troop consisted of 550 individuals. In 1996, hunters maimed or killed 4 escaped macaques; as a result, legal restrictions were publicly clarified and funds were raised to establish a new 186-acre sanctuary near Dilley, Texas. Japanese macaques weren't the only monkey species introduced to North America, Rhesus macaques of Mainland Asia were also introduced to Florida, and with Vervet monkeys from Africa; Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Arizona, California, Ascension island, Cape Verde, Barbados, St. Kitts, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican republic, and Nevis. They are the only primates other than humans that can survive in cold climates, including Japan. In subtropical climates, they live in the Southern islands such as Yakushima, Okinawa, and some other islands. Barbary macaques in North Africa were also introduced to Gibraltar island in Europe. The Barbary macaque population in Gibraltar is the only monkey population in the European continent. Gibraltar is an island located off the Southeast coast of Spain and owned by the UK. Just like Alaska and Hawaii were owned by the USA. Here are 3 classifications of introductions: Invasive, Ferals, and Pests. The reason why snow monkeys were introduced to Texas was that they once angered the people in Kyoto, Japan by raiding their stores. They had to be relocated, otherwise they will be killed. Texas was the only place where Japanese macaques would be safe. My YouTube friend Jaisa, the wolf fan was also from Japan and moved to Texas.

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