Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My favorite species reintroductions in all continents (besides Antarctica)

North America: Gray wolves were finally reintroduced to Yellowstone national park in 1995. They changed everything in that national park including its physical geography. If wolves in other countries were reintroduced, like the UK for instance, they would aid the reestablishment of plants and birds.

South America: Giant anteaters were reintroduced to Northern Argentina to control termites or to be found in every South American country besides Chile again. Giant anteaters have an often good relationship with Maned wolves, although they are not real wolves at all.

Europe: It is time for Eurasian lynxes to be reintroduced to the UK any time. It would be better to reintroduce wolves to Britain than lynxes because they are social animals and lynxes are solitary. I'm not saying they shouldn't be reintroduced. Please bring them back!

Asia: Eurasian river otters in Japan were declared extinct in August 2012. The Skye-based International Otter Survival Fund has been asked with a feasibility study. Japanese conservationists have suggested reintroducing otters to Hokkaido and Shikoku. Earlier this month, I.O.S.F. started a project to investigate the lifespan of otters in Scotland.

Africa: South African cheetahs were finally reintroduced to Swaziland to control antelope herds. Cheetahs were found everywhere throughout South Africa and that's also why they were reintroduced to Swaziland.

Australia: The critically endangered Woylie or brush-tailed bettong was extinct in the wild at first and now it's reintroduced back into the wilds in Southern Australia. The endangered marsupial's population is now estimated to be less that 5,600 left in the wild.

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