Thursday, July 14, 2016

European raccoon dogs

Raccoon dogs are actually native to East Asia and were introduced to several European countries by hunters. They were introduced to Europe to breed in the wild, hoping that the large litters would provide a steady harvest at furs. Although raccoon dogs were native to Europe in the Pleistocene. True raccoons were also introduced to Europe, Japan, and the Caucasus. On the other side of the world, the Japanese celebrate their canine uniqueness. Raccoons dogs are actually related to foxes and dogs, but true raccoons are related to bears. If it weren't for human intervention, the 2 would never have met. The countries in Europe they were introduced are: Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Armenia, Kirgizia, Tatarstan, Kalinin, Penza, European Russia, Lavita, Serbia, Romania, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland. The subspecies that was introduced to Europe was the Ussuri raccoon dog, which is native to Mongolia, Far-Eastern Russia, China, and North Korea. The other predators that compete with the raccoon dog are foxes, otters, badgers, lynxes, and eagles. In Japan, it's called "Tanuki." Other than being raccoon-like, they are also badger-like.

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