Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flight Black Wolf

Black Wolf is the main antagonist of the 2008 film, The Flight Before Christmas. He is the leader of a pack of wolves who hunt reindeer and plots to eat Santa Claus and his reindeer, the Flying Forces, to take their place and eat the children of the world. In the sequel, it is revealed that Black Wolf has a sister named White Wolf who wants to avenge her brother's death. He is similar to Dag from Barnyard. As he and Dag are complete monsters, canine villains, and totally bent on the destruction of other animals, only in Dag's case, it's the animals and the Farmer whereas in Black Wolf's case, it's the reindeer and Santa. They are also both the leaders of their packs. He was voiced by Sam Gold. A lost pet poodle named Essie found Black Wolf and his pack after they unsuccessfully attempted to hunt Niko's herd. As the pack were about to eat her, she inadvertently gave Black Wolf the idea of eating Santa's reindeer, the Flying Forces (who commonly fly by the wolves' territory, irritating Black Wolf); "Listen up men, for years, we've been forced to hunt and scavenge for our next meal. Well, no more, thanks to our new lucky charm, I have an idea that will change our lives. We're going to Santa's fell. We're going to feast on his flying reindeer. And by eating our enemies, their strength will become ours. You, will be Santa's Flying Wolves." "That's why we're gonna eat Santa too! (laughs evilly) And I'll take his place. Just think of all the delicious little boys and girls waiting for me to visit." When Julius and Niko became lost and got separated in a sudden blizzard, Niko awoke under a pile of snow from the conversation of Black Wolf and his pack who do not see him. Niko overheard Black Wolf's scheme: After eating the Flying Forces to gain their magical ability to fly, they will eat Santa as well and take his place but to bring death to tasty boys and girls instead of bringing presents. The wolves discovered Niko, and knowing that the young reindeer knew too much of Black Wolf's plan, they chased after them to kill them. After escaping from the wolves in an avalanche, Niko convinced Wilma to guide them while Black Wolf and his pack were hot on their trail. Black Wolf caught up to Niko, Julius and Wilma but Niko fell into a dangerous river after attempting to fly. Thinking they were dead, the wolves headed for Santa's Fell, unaware that Niko was saved by Julius and Wilma from going over a high waterfall. At Santa's Fell, Niko told the Flying Forces of Black Wolf's plan but they doubt a wolf would ever make it to Santa's secret valley. However, Black Wolf and his pack eventually reached Santa's Fell, scaring the Flying Forces into losing their belief of their ability to fly. Black Wolf were Santa's hat, immediately announcing the "New Santa In Town," and his pack surrounded the Flying Forces in preparation to eat them. Upon seeing Niko alive, Black Wolf chased after him, determined to kill the young reindeer while his pack pursued the scared Flying Forces. He ended up chasing Niko up a tall tree despite the efforts of Wilma and Julius to distract the wolf, but Niko was saved by the Flying Forces by falling and landing on Santa's sleigh. However, Black Wolf had jumped on the sleigh as well, and despite the Flying Forces' efforts to shake him off in the air, the evil wolf still latched on, forcing the reindeer to go on "Santa speed." Julius unlatched a part of the sleigh that Black Wolf was holding on to, not before Black Wolf managed to grab him. Knowing that he was falling to his demise, Black Wolf was about to eat Julius as his last meal, but the flying squirrel was saved by Niko (who finally gained his ability to fly), leaving Black Wolf to plummet to his death. Santa's hat that Black Wolf wore drifted its way to the feet of his pack as a sign of their leader's demise. Black Wolf shares similarities with Alpha Wolf from The Grey. Both of them are large menacing dark wolves who are the leaders of their packs.

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