Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dag Coyote

Dag is the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon animated movie Barnyard. He is Otis' arch-nemesis and the coyotes' former leader and boss. He is voiced by David Koechner. Although his role is small, he is the main antagonist because he had bigger plans and was far more dangerous than anyone else. He nearly steals the hens, only to be stopped by Otis' foster father Ben. "You know how much we like the hens? (chuckles) You know me: Ladykiller." "You seem to have a bit of disadvantage, Ben: There's 6 of us, and only one old, fat you." Ben sacrifices himself to save the hens, and dies after his fight with Dag. Later, Ben's adoptive son Otis tries to take vengeance on Dag, but he lost his burst of courage as soon as the coyotes notice him. Dag sadistically shames Otis by telling him that things would have been different if he was there for Ben. "Okay, from here on out, this is the way it's gonna work. We show up, you look the other way. A few animals missing here and there." "Hey, it's the natural order of things. It'll be our little secret." "Oh, and Ben's kid, if you should think about getting a sudden burst of courage..." "...we slaughter every animal in sight." "See you around. Round? Get it? You're fat?" He then makes a "Deal," with Otis, telling him that he'd only steal a few animals each night, but if he tried to do something about it, he and his pack would slaughter every animal in sight, including possibly the farmer. Otis decided to leave the Barnyard, realizing he has no chance. The next morning, however Otis is informed that the coyotes took some hens and his chick friend Maddy, making Otis realize Dag tricked and double-crossed him, since he wasn't expecting him and the coyotes until tonight. Otis went off to the junkyard to rescue the chickens. "I love chicken. My favorite part is the skin." Otis arrives at the junkyard just in time to stop Dag from devouring Maddy; "Meaner, Meaner! Meaners gotta eat too," but Dag's goons easily overpower him. Fortunately, Peck the rooster, Miles the mule, Pip the mouse, Freddie the ferret, Pig, Jersey cows, Wild Mike, and even Gophers arrive to help Otis and Dag's goons are easily defeated. Eventually, Dag tries a sneak attack on Otis similarly to how he overpowered Ben, but Otis is warned by Peck, who successfully did a loud crow. Otis caught Dag on the throat, hit his head against a bus window and threatened to punch him, like his dad did; but instead, Otis told Dag to never come back and the red coyote agrees. Dag is hit with a golf club by Otis and he soars out into the distance while howling in pain. It is unknown what happened to Dag afterwards, but he and the other coyotes are most likely dead, injured, or they land in a place where he and the other coyotes found food. Also, Dag didn't return in any episode of Back at the Barnyard, but he was seen in several games. He also most likely heeded Otis's warning for fear of his life. He is a scrawny red coyote with sharp fangs and claws. He has a slight scar on his left eye and two notches on his left ear. He is extremely skinny with his ribcages still visible.

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