Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Newfoundland wolf

The Newfoundland wolf (Canis Lupus
Beothucus) was a subspecies of gray wolf native to the Canadian island of Newfoundland in the Atlantic ocean. In 1911, it was declared extinct. In 2005, it is considered a valid subspecies by MSW3. All the wolves of Newfoundland are extinct and there are other subspecies including the Labrador and great plains. The Labrador wolf lives in Northern Quebec and Labrador and recent confirmed sightings on Newfoundland. The great plains wolf lives and lived in North, East, and West Mexico, USA, Newfoundland, Alexander archipelago, and other places. I 1st noticed this species from a video of 7 extinct wolves and they were all subspecies of the gray wolf. They are the Hokkaido wolf (Canis Lupus Hattai), Great plains wolf (Canis Lupus Nubilis), Mogollon mountain wolf (Canis Lupus Mogollensis), Newfoundland wolf (Canis Lupus Beothucus), Kenai peninsula wolf (Canis Lupus Alces), Texas gray wolf (Canis Lupus Monstralibis), and Japanese wolf (Canis Lupus Hodophilax). The great plains wolf isn't extinct but it became extinct in the Western region for unknown reasons but it now lives in the Northern parts of the Midwestern US states and Southeastern Canada. The Eastern coyote is a hybrid of an Eastern wolf and a coyote and also lives in Newfoundland.

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