Sunday, October 23, 2016

Evil-Doer: Smokey

Full Name: Smokey

Alias: The Chief Cat, Boss

Origin: Stuart Little

Sex/Gender: Male

Occupation: Chief Alley Cat

Powers/Skills: Stalking

Hobby: Making Out Vicious Plans To Hurt Anybody Who Gets In His Way (especially Stuart Little), Spouting Out Various Insults

Goals: Kill Stuart Little and Snowbell (all failed)

Type of Villain: Feline Villain, Predator, Bully

Status: Unknown

Fate: Gets attacked by dogs and probably gets killed

Conservation Status: Domesticated

Subspecies Status: Domesticated

Species: Domestic Cat

Scientific Name: Felis Catus

Subspecies (breed): Chartreux

Voice: Chazz Palminteri

Country: United States (New York)

Continent: North America

Release Date: December 17th, 1999

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