Saturday, October 22, 2016

Evil-Doer: Jaws

Full Name: Jaws

Alias: The Shark, Bruce, Brucette, Brucetta, Vengeance, Great White Shark

Origin: JAWS

Sex/Gender: Female

Occupation: Dangerous Great White Shark

Powers/Skills: Marine Physiology Provides Excellent Swimming and Endurance, Great Strength In Both Physique and Jaw, and High Stamina, Cannibalism Provides Unending Appetite and High Sense That Detects The Smell of Swimmers or Any Fish, Very Intelligent To Exploit Weakness of Prey

Hobby: Eating People, Killing Ant Thinking To Be Superior To Her

Goals: Keeping Wreaking Havoc and To Eat Everything In Her Path (all succeeded, but then failed)

Type of Villain: Predator, Sea Monster, Mass Murderer, Man-Eater

Status: Alive

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Subspecies Status: None

Species: Great White Shark

Scientific Name: Carcharodon Carcharias

Subspecies: None

Voice: Unknown

Country: United States (Massachusetts)

Continent: North America

Release Dates: 1st film: 1975, 2nd film: 1978, 3rd film: 1983, and 4th film: 1987

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