Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bog Crocodile

Bog is a Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) and the main antagonist of the 2012 Guatemalan-American film, The Outback (Guatemala)/Koala Kid (United States). He is voiced by Alan Cumming. His henchmen are Boris the vulture and Blacktooth and his pack of dingoes. After Johnny, the white albino koala, accidentally scares off the dingoes during their brawl with the kangaroos, Bog is seen making a plan with the dingoes and Boris to take over the river. Johnny's koala friend Miranda's little sister fell in her white make up. The dingoes snagged her thinking it was Johnny who was the barricade to ruling the ravine. Once Charlotte's make up wears off, Bog gets angry with the dingoes. But Miranda, Johnny, Johnny's friends Hamish, and Higgins, Mac the kangaroo leader, and an elderly wombat go on a quest to save poor little Charlotte. The elderly wombat tells the about Bog. After Miranda and Johnny overcome pythons while making friends with a frilled lizard, Bull, they find themselves trapped by the dingoes. Boris then comes back with a carnival poster of Johnny being in the circus.  Johnny feels ashamed and runs off while Miranda gives herself up for her little sister. Hamish and Higgins then dress up as female clowns asking the dingoes if they can help them find their way back to the circus. The dingoes wanted to eat them. Mac and the kangaroos capture the dingoes when Bog wakes up. Bog chases after Miranda, Johnny, and Bull into the circus and then into the Big Top. Johnny and Miranda run up the poles to the trapeze with Big following them and Johnny walks on the tight rope so Bog cuts some strings with his razor sharp claws. Johnny then cuts a chandelier with his boomerang that falls on Johnny and Bog with part of the circus tent and the trapeze poles. Johnny was alright and Bog was defeated. Bog was later sold as a pet along with the dingoes at the pet store and put in baby clothes to his dismay.

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