Sunday, June 5, 2016

Vincent the bear

Vincent is an American black bear from Over The Hedge as well as a cameo in Bee Movie. He was originally from Over the Hedge but he is a black bear in that film but in the cameo in Bee Movie, he's a grizzly bear. The possible sequel of Over The Hedge comes up in a couple years. 2 years after the events of the first film, RJ and the gang go on a vacation for the summer and they decide to go to a forest in Louisiana for the vacation. While they're there, they discover Heather's long lost relatives including her mother Martha, her grandparents Opal and Ivan, her Aunt Lucy and her childhood friend who is a fox named Ryan. Heather however has feelings for RJ and must ask him out. Vincent meanwhile has an army of minions to help him plan revenge for RJ for making him lose his food in the first film. Now they will have to stop a plot to turn the last of the forest into a new mall by an evil hunter tycoon and their old enemy Gladys Sharp. In the first film, they were in Indiana because of the explosion of nacho cheese and the part where Hammy has to drink caffeine to go really fast to stop the villains and I could see where the part is where they are. At least American black bears are the most common species of bear in the world. Black bear attacks on humans are extremely rare because normally, they would cower and run but the attacks on humans happen 2 times a year. Because I'm a geographer, at first, I thought they were in Illinois but they are in Indiana. Possums are the Americas' only native marsupials.

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