Sunday, June 5, 2016

State mammals of the United States

Alabama - Black bear and Racking horse

Alaska - Moose, Bowhead, and Alaskan malamute

Arizona - Ring tailed cat

Arkansas - White tailed deer

California - Grizzly bear and Gray whale

Colorado - Rocky mountain bighorn and Colorado shelter pets

Connecticut - Sperm whale

Delaware - Grey fox

Florida - Florida panther, Manatee, Porpoise/Dolphin, and Florida cracker horse

Georgia - White tailed deer and Right whale

Hawaii - Hawaiian monk seal and Humpback whale

Idaho - Appaloosa horse

Iowa - Eastern goldfinch and Harbor seal

Illinois - White tailed deer

Kansas - Bison

Kentucky - Gray squirrel and Throroughbred

Louisiana - Black bear and Catahoula leopard dog

Maine - Moose and Maine coon

Maryland - Toroughbred, Chesapeake, and Calico cat

Massachusetts - Right whale, Morgan horse, Tabby cat, and Boston terrier

Michigan - White tailed deer

Mississippi - White tailed deer and Bottlenose dolphin

Missouri - Missouri mule and Missouri fox trotting horse

Minnesota - White tailed deer and Gopher

Montana - Grizzly bear

Nebraska - White tailed deer

Nevada - Desert bighorn sheep

New Hampshire - White tailed deer and Chinook

New Jersey - Horse

New Mexico - Black bear

New York - Beaver

North Carolina - Grey squirrel and Plott hound

North Dakota - Nokota horse

Ohio - White tailed deer

Oklahoma - Bison, White tailed deer, Raccoon, and Free tailed bat

Oregon - Beaver

Pennsylvania - White tailed deer and Great Dane

South Carolina - White tailed deer, Right whale, Bottlenose dolphin, Boykin spaniel, and Mule

South Dakota - Coyote

Tennessee - Raccoon and Tennessee walking horse

Texas - 9 banded armadillo, Texas longhorn, Free tailed bat, Blue lacy, and Quarter horse

Utah - Rocky mountain elk

Vermont - Morgan horse

Virginia - Virginia big eared bat and American foxhound

Washington - Olympic marmot and Orca

West Virginia - Black bear

Wisconsin - Badger, White tailed deer, Dairy cow, and American water spaniel

Wyoming - Bison

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