Monday, February 20, 2017

Evil Song: It's Good to Be Me

How delightful
Do you see what I see
Inside the hen house there are dozens of eggs
And fat chicken legs
For me

It's really absolutely frightful
How easy it can be

Now did they really think that fences and locks
Could keep out a fox
Like me

It's great to be an intellectual
You there really are so few

And all their plans are ineffectual
Against my 108 I.Q.
No it's true
In fact, 108.2, but who's counting

I'm sure that you'll agree

That all the hens and geese
And roosters and hawks
Are dumb as an ox
Compared to this truly exceptional fox

Who's clever, who's quick
Who thinks out of the box
Like me

The grace, the charm, the looks
The genius and wit
I've got to admit, oh, golly gee

It's Good to Be Me

It's Good to Be Me
Don't you wish you could be

Oh, It's Good to Be Me

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