Friday, February 17, 2017

Evil Organization: Thunderclap's Flock

Full Name: Thunderclap's Flock

Alias: Pterodactyls

Origin: The Good Dinosaur

Foundation: Unknown

Headquarters: Unknown

Commanders: Thunderclap

Agents: Downpour, Windgust, Frostbite, Coldfront

Powers/Skills: Flight

Goals: Search For Food With The Help of The Storm

Type of Villains: Predators

Statuses: Unknown

Fates: Crash Into A River

Conservation Statuses: Extinct

Subspecies Statuses: Extinct

Species: Calukicephalus (Downpour), Ludodactylus (Coldfront and Frostbite), Guidraco (Windgust)

Scientific Names: Calukicephalus, Ludodactylus, Guidraco

Subspecies: Calukicephalus Trimicrodon, Ludodactylus Sibbicki, Guidraco Venator

Voices: Mandy Freund and Steven Clay Hunter

Country: United States (Utah)

Continent: North America

Release Date: November 25th, 2015

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