Sunday, December 4, 2016

Evil-Doer: Animeme Wolf

Full Name: Insanity Wolf

Alias: None

Origin: Animeme

Sex/Gender: Male

Occupation: Ruthless Barbaric Criminal

Powers/Skills: Fangs and Deadly Weapons, Ability To Spurt Blood From His Mouth and Cause His Eyes To Flash Red

Hobby: Committing Insane Crimes

Goals: Kill Courage Wolf and Slender Man, Continue Committing Insane Crimes

Type of Villain: Archenemy, Rival

Status: Alive

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Subspecies Status: Least Concern

Species: Gray Wolf

Scientific Name: Canis Lupus

Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf (Canis Lupus Irremotus)

Voice: Unknown

Country: United States (Idaho)

Continent: North America

Release Date: 2012

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