Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Grizzly Park Wolf

Wolf is a minor antagonist of the 2008 American horror film Grizzly Park. She is a lone white wolf that lived in the remote forest of Grizzly Park. Wolf is first seen eating Butch's severed arm and later appears when Ty gets caught in a trap, him and KiKi call out for help. His blood drops on the ground and the scent of it attracts Wolf. In fear, KiKi runs but Wolf chases her down a hill and mauls her to death and drags her off. Wolf appears later trying to jump at Ty to attack him, but she gets scared off by Grizzly Bear and Grizzly Bear kills Ty. A few nights later, Wolf is seen by Ranger Bob feasting on KiKi's flesh and is never seen or spoken of again throughout the rest of the film.

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