Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dinosaur Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus, also known as Carnotaurs, were a species of carnivorous dinosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous period 75 million years ago. They appear as the main antagonists in the 2000 Disney CG film Dinosaur, alongside Kron. A Carnotaurus first appears in the very beginning of the film where a young Parasaurolophus chases a flying lizard into the jungle. The flying lizard eventually landed on what appeared to be the bark of a lathe tree. The young dinosaur then looks up where the reptile is, but before it can close, saliva falls on the branch which caused the young dinosaur to look up where the lizard landed on: the nose of a Carnotaur, who eventually awakens. The young Parasaurolophus starts running out of the jungle which causes attention to many of the herbivorous dinosaurs. As it starts running, the Carnotaur soon bursts out of the trees and starts chasing all the dinosaurs, and eventually hunted down a Pachyrhinosaurus. At the middle of the film, 2 Carnotaurus, the male, presumably the same one from the beginning of the movie, scare off a pack of Velociraptors from the remains of a Struthiomimus. The pair then go after the herd in which Aladar and his lemur family and dinosaur friends are in by following the tracks left behind. A little later, Bruton and a scout are attacked by the Carnotaurus. Bruton escapes to warn Kron, albeit being injured, as the scout is killed by them. As seen as Bruton tells Kron, he is left behing to fend for himself. Later as Aladar, his family and friends, and Bruton take shelter from a rainstorm in a cave, the Carnotaurus attack. Bruton comes to the rescue and sacrifices himself by causing a cave-in, burying the female, but the male survives, leaves, and roars, apparently in rage at the loss of his mate. After Aladar and company find the Nesting Grounds, Aladar rushes back to warn Kron's head about the rock pile blocking the main entrance. On the way there, he sees a dead dinosaur (Stygimoloch) and soon flees when he hears the Carnotaur coming and eating the Stygimoloch. Aladar then warns Kron and the herd about the approaching Carnotaur, but Kron doesn't listen to him as he think he's leading him right to the heard. After his battle with Kron, Aldar assumes the herd's leadership, then the Carnotaur arrives and the herd panics. Aladar states that they should stand together, or he would pick them off, in which they do and the Carnotaur backs off. Then, he sees Kron and runs after him with Neera and Aladar not far behind. After Kron climbs the rocks and finds a cliff, the Carnotaur corners him. Kron fight back, but the Carnotaur bites him in the back and tosses him against a rock. As it is about to finish him off, Neera comes and assaults the Carnotaur in an attempt to save her brother, but is easily overpowered. The Carnotaur then prepares to kill Neera, but Aladar arrives, and manages to push the Carnotaur to the edge of the cliff. As the Carnotaur faces Aladar, his heavy weight causes the cliff edge to crumble. As the cliff starts to crack, the Carnotaur grabs Aladar and tries to pull him down with him, but fails and the Carnotaur fall off the cliff to his death.

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