Sunday, June 28, 2015

Snow leopard

The snow leopard (Panthera Uncia/Uncia Uncia) is a rare majestic animal that lives in the mountains of Central and South Asia and they are endangered and there are only 2,500 left in the world and in Nepal, there are 300 left. In the movie Kung-fu panda, did you know that Tai-lung was a snow leopard? I know that he's a bad guy in the movie but I feel a little bad for him when he got defeated because the snow leopard is endangered and I know that Kung-fu panda is just a movie and when a bad guy endangered animal of a movie gets defeated their numbers fall and if there are 0 left they'll go extinct. If the snow leopard was to go extinct then its prey would eat all the plants and if they eat all the plants they will die because then there are no plants to grow and the prey will starve and predators are important to nature. And leopards are found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. And I saw a cute snow leopard cub video. Oh and I noticed a snow leopard named Leo. The snow leopard is not a leopard at all, they are more closely related to tigers. It also lives in Southern Russia and it is one of the 7 Panthera big cats native to Russia along with the Caspian tiger, Persian leopard, Asiatic lion, Siberian tiger, Anatolian leopard, and Amur leopard. The Caspian tiger is extinct and the Asiatic lion is now only found in Northwestern India and they both lived in the Caucasus.

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