Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tibetan wolf

The Tibetan wolf (Canis Lupus Chanco), also known as the woolly wolf or Mongolian wolf, is an endangered subspecies of gray wolf native to Tibet, Mongolia, China, and India. It was thought to be an ancestor of a domestic dog and this picture was taken in the Tennoji zoo, Osaka, Japan. Someday, people are probably gonna introduce arctic wolves or Melville island wolves (which are also gray wolf subspecies and are endangered) to Antarctica and Northern Eurasia. People are gonna introduce some other wolves to some other places like South America and other places. Well, dire wolves lived in South America. There might be some wolves in some countries where they used to inhabit and they don't inhabit escaping from zoos like the Hexham wolf from England. Gray wolves live in the remote areas of North America, Eurasia, North, East, and West Africa (Egyptian and Arabian), and Australia (Dingo).

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