Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Serengeti wolf

The Serengeti wolf (Canis Anthus Bea) is an endangered subspecies of the golden wolf native to the Savannah grasslands of Kenya and Northern Tanzania. It is one of the 3 unrecognized subspecies of the golden wolf along with the Algerian and Somali. It kinda looks like a side striped jackal and a black backed jackal. Some wolves look(ed) like jackals like Japanese (Hokkaido and Honshu) wolves, Ethiopian wolves, coyotes, Egyptian wolves, and other wolves. The African wild dog is also known as the ornate wolf and both the Somali wild dog and Somali wolf are both wolf subspecies of the wild dog and golden wolf and they are also both critically endangered. The wolves of Africa that have subspecies are the Ethiopian, Golden, Gray, and Wild dog (Ornate wolf). The Ethiopian wolf subspecies are the Northern and Southern. The Golden wolf subspecies are the Algerian, Senegalese, Egyptian, Somali, Variegated, and Serengeti. The Gray wolf subspecies are the Egyptian and Arabian. The Wild dog subspecies are the Cape, East African, West African, Chadian, and Somali.

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