Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lost animals of the 20th century Lin Sagovsky narrated

Bergman's bear

Great plain wolf


California grizzly bear

Sea mink

Caspian tiger

Barbados raccoon

Portuguese ibex

Gastric brooding frog

Long tailed hopping mouse

Delande's coucal

Rufus gazelle

Larador duck

Cape red hartebeest

Nigerian pygmy hippo

Philippine bare backed fruit bat

Shansi sika deer

June sucker fish

Arctic reindeer

Paradise parrot

Guadalupe flicker

Gull island vole

Vegas valley frog

Dusky seaside sparrow

Crescent nail tailed wallaby

St. Helena dragonfly

Riffle shell fresh water mussel

Seychelles swallowtail butterfly

Southern California kit fox

Atitlan grebe

Antillean giant rice rat


Falkland island wolf

Azuero spider monkey

Guadalupe storm petrel

Ash medow killifish

Rodreguez day gecko

Laysan rail

Lord Howe island stick insect

Desert rat kangaroo

Jamaican iguana

Eskimo curlew

Narborough giant tortoise

Madagascan serpent eagle

Canary island oystrycatcher


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