Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sylvester Talking Kitty

Sylvester, also known as Sylvester the talking kitty cat or just Talking Kitty, a central character, is the antihero of SteveCash83's popular series called Talking Kitty. Sylvester usually loves to hang out in the kitchen with Gibson and Shelby (Gibson is another cat Sylvester gets along with and Shelby is a black lab dog that Sylvester has pure hatred towards). Sylvester is the central focus for the Talking Kitty videos about 55 episodes, 7 diaries, and 1 random short so far. Sylvester also made a guest appearance on 4Steves (another popular series on SteveCash83's channel). Sylvester used to be named Rufus and belonged to Gibson's common enemy named Todd for 2 years. Sylvester favorite foods are wet food and catnip. He is also the primary antagonist of SteveCash83. This is Sylvester in "No Pets Allowed."