Friday, January 6, 2017

Swedish Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is the main antagonist of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time. He is a sadic dangerous psychopath fox which shares Niclas' fat. Little is known about Mr. Fox's past. It is unknown where he acquired the skills necessary to play card games and use guns, and it also is unknown when he met Niclas, and the reason they live together. In the beginning of the web series, Mr. Fox was the antagonist of the main character Niclas. However, during the series, we discover more about his personality. In fact, in a lonely and far side of its little hearth he cares about Niclas, even if he continues to disturb him while he is cooking. At one point, he cuts Niclas' precious beard careless of Niclas' screams of terror, causing the interruption of the web-series for 2 years.

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