Thursday, March 17, 2016

Phantom cats

Phantom cats, also known as alien big cats (ABC's), are large felines such as jaguars, cougars, and leopards, which allegedly appear in regions outside their indigenous range. Sightings, tracks, and predation have been reported in a number of countries and states such as Canada, Britain, Australia, Ireland, Alaska, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia, The Philippines, Finland, Denmark, Korea, China, Mongolia, California, Delaware, North Carolina, Hawaii, Italy, The Netherlands, India, Wisconsin, Germany, Mexico, and Luxembourg. This puma was captured in the wild in Inveress-Shire, Scotland in 1980 and was called the Scottish panther. The cougar was claimed to be an abandoned pet and it spend the rest of its life in a zoo and in died probably because of its stress in captivity. The 1st sightings were in the 1760's. In 2000, an 11 year old boy in Monmouthshire was attacked by what he claims was a large black cat. It left him with 5 long claw marks across his left cheek. The police called in a big cat expert to investigate the incident. The research group Big Cats in Britain publishes reported sightings annually by county. The "Top 10" counties or regions of Britain between April 2004 and July 2005 were 132 in Devon, 127 in Yorks, 125 in Scotland, 123 in Wales, 104 in Gloucs, 103 in Sussex, 99 in Cornwall, 92 in Kent, 91 in Somerset, and 89 in Leics. There are a lot of cats in Scotland like lynxes, wildcats, domestic cats, and the cougar that was captured. The Hexham wolf was a gray wolf that escaped from a zoo in England and killed livestock in Hexham and Allendale in England and it died in December 29th 1904 by a train in the railway. A lion escaped the Milwaukee county zoo like the Hexham wolf and other animals. All of those 3 big cats such as leopards, jaguars, and cougars are commonly known as panthers.

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