Friday, January 1, 2016

The Hexham wolf

The Hexham wolf, also known as the Allendale wolf or Wolf of Allendale, was a grey wolf that escaped from a zoo in England in 1904 and killed livestock in Hexham and Allendale in Northumberland, England. The wolf was killed by a train in a railway in December 29th, 1904 in the winter. By the end of January 1905, interest was waning in stories of the Hexham wolf, newspapers pushing it further back until it disappeared altogether. It is one of the 5 wolves that escaped from zoos in England. The owner of the zoo is Captain Bain of Shotely Bridge. Its appearance was either black and tan or dun, and was large. There were also a couple wolves that escaped from the Whipsnade zoo and Cholchester zoo. Well, wild wolves were native to the British isles until 1743 and bears and lynxes became extinct there too. But in the last 50 years, British ecologists and conservationists have debated the reintroduction of lynxes, wolves, and bears. People have also debated the reintroduction of wolves to Scandinavia, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and other places in Europe. When the Hexham Heads were discovered in 1971, the werewolf sightings that resulted were thought to be the Hexham wolf. Since Hexham and Allendale are both towns in Northumberland in Northeast England, why can't the wolf be officially called "The Northumberland wolf."

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