Saturday, December 3, 2016

Grey Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf is the main antagonist of the 2011 thriller film, The Grey. He is a large black wolf who is the leader of the wolf pack. Alpha Wolf is first seen when John Ottaway and the other survivors make a campfire out in the Alaskan wilderness. When John and Diaz start fighting, Alpha Wolf appears and stares at them menacingly while making low growls. He then leaves and sends out an omega wolf to test their strength that ends up getting killed, cooked and eaten by the survivors. He later appears at the end of the film when John is the last survivor and has accidentally entered into the wolf den. John get surrounded by the wolves when Alpha Wolf sends them away so he can fight and kill Ottaway on his own. John tapes a knife and broken glass to his hands for weapons and the two lung at each other. A brief post-credits scene shows Alpha Wolf lying injured on the ground and breathing softly, with the back of Ottaway's head visible resting on Alpha Wolf, while also breathing. It is unknown if Alpha Wolf or John Ottaway survived. Alpha Wolf shares similarities with Black Wolf from The Flight Before Christmas. Both of them are large menacing dark wolves who are the leaders of their packs.

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