Friday, October 14, 2016

Evil-Doer: Zira

Full Name: Zira

Alias: Mother (by her children)

Origin: The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Sex/Gender: Female

Occupation: Kovu, Nuka, and Vitani's Mother, Leader of The Outsiders

Powers/Skills: Claws, Cunning, Charisma, Leadership, Manipulation, Teeth

Hobby: Training Kovu Ruling Over The Outsiders, Hating Simba and His Family

Goals: To Make Kovu The New King of The Pridelands (succeeded, but not the way she expected), To Avenge Scar's Death By Murdering Simba (failed)

Type of Villain: Fanatic, Seeker of Vengeance, Psychopath

Status: Deceased

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Subspecies Status: Vulnerable

Species: Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Subspecies: Massai Lion (Panthera Leo Nubica)

Voice: Suzanne Pleshette

Country: Kenya

Continent: Africa

Movie Release Date: October 27th, 1998

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