Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Benji Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf is the main antagonist of the 1987 Disney film, Benji the Hunted, despite having little screen time. He is the main antagonist because he had bigger plans than anyone else. Timber Wolf is first seen when he attempts to kill Benji when he is tied to a rope to a tree at the Hunter's cabin. As he runs at Benji, the Hunter grabs his gun and shoots at Timber Wolf, but misses ,which ends up with Timber Wolf running off into the forest. Timber Wolf is later seen watching Benji and the Cougar cubs. He prepares to kill them until the rescue helicopter appears and Timber Wolf runs away. Timber Wolf ambushes Benji and chases after him. While Benji was being chased, he hides in a bush near a tree and Timber Wolf runs passed him. Later, Timber Wolf ambushes Benji again and chases him until he runs into a grizzly bear. The grizzly bear chases Timber Wolf out of his territory and Benji presumed Timber Wolf dead. Timber Wolf is last seen in the film when Benji was with the cougar cubs. Timber Wolf approaches the cubs trying to get a quick meal, but the cubs hide under a rock. As Timber Wolf tries to dig them out, Benji quickly attacks Timber Wolf. He gives up trying to get the cubs and goes after Benji. While Benji was being chased, he hides in a bush next to a cliff. Timber Wolf jumps over the bush thinking that Benji was there, but instead, it was the cliff, and Benji watches as Timber Wolf falls to his death while howling. He is a slender black wolf with blue-brown eyes and grayish-white fur on his upper-jaw and nose and on the lowers have of his legs and paws. The directors of the film made a mistake: They changed his eye color from brown to blue. Timber Wolf is quite similar to Soto from Ice Age, as they both share the same goal: to eat children (Cougar cubs and Roshan) and kill the protectors of those children. However, Timber Wolf did not create his goal as an act of revenge against Benji, as he is a normal predator. Both died in the end (Timber Wolf falls off a cliff; Soto gets killed by sharp icicles). Both attack their enemies towards the beginning (Timber Wolf attacks Benji at the hunter's cabin; Soto attacks the humans at their camp).

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